Keep This Between Us

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Episode 1 - Return to Little Elm

As an adult, Cheryl reexamines an inappropriate relationship she had with her high school teacher, a phenomenon she soon realizes is nationwide. She embarks on a journey to reckon with the impact of the experience.


Episode 2 - The Rumors are True

Cheryl aims to seek answers from her classmates, teachers and family to put together the missing pieces of her past. Details emerge that, despite efforts to intervene, a culture of acceptance allows grooming to continue.


Episode 3 - Passing the Trash

As Cheryl seeks out others who have similar trauma, it becomes evident that there is an ecosystem of toxicity and administrative failure nationwide. She meets another survivor whose story is eerily similar but has a very different outcome.


Episode 4 - The Burden

Heaven's fight for justice reveals that coming forward is the first step in a series of battles ahead. Cheryl, Heaven, and Alisson impart that sharing their truths is never easy, but with their collective voices, there is hope for change.



Season 1

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