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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - A Second Shot at Love

Savannah and Trent Paschal seem like the perfect Suburban couple. But their romance ends in suspicion, jealousy, and a countrywide police hunt after murder is caught on camera.


Episode 2 - Handsome Devil

Handsome construction worker Greg Harris literally crashes into Chiquita Tate's life. The couple become the envy of many for their glamorous lifestyle, but after a violent murder, is Chiquita's criminal clientele responsible?


Episode 3 - Love on Fire

Tim and Barbara Pasa marry quickly, and 18 years later emergency services rush to their home. A life has been lost in what looks like a tragic accident caused by a lit candle. But on closer inspection, a darker truth emerges.


Episode 4 - Love Sick

Nurse Susan Fortune moves to Albany, Georgia for a fresh start after being involved in a relationship of domestic abuse. After joining a dating site, she matches with fun loving divorced dad Jake Embert. The pair hit it off and the relationship moves quickly. Within months they're married, but Jake isn't well. When the marriage ends in tragedy--hacking, a hairbrush and a horrifying discovery, it shows that finding love on the internet can be deadly.


Episode 5 - Milking a Murder

Christine and Jason Harris fell in love young. Christina makes a shocking discovery. What follows is a deadly plot blown open when a mother's frozen breast milk cracks the case.


Episode 6 - Dead Man Talking

Lulu and Ramon Sosa find they make a good team and marry. But after financial difficulties, the relationship breaks down. Soon after, the FBI are tipped off that one of them has hired a hitman and come up with an ingenious plan to catch the killer.


Episode 7 - Lethal Love Square

Rebecca and Lee Cawthon enjoy inviting other people into their relationship--it's how they got together. After striking up a relationship with exotic dancer Alite, they also get intimate with her school friend Thad.


Episode 8 - When Push Comes to Shove

When family-oriented Toni meets Harold at a medical convention, they click and soon marry. But when money starts going missing from Toni's account, suspicion falls on Harold. Becoming increasingly cut off from her family, Toni and Harold decide to go on a hike to celebrate their wedding anniversary. But only one of them would return.


Episode 9 - Fatal Affair

After meeting at college, Ashlea and Emmett find they share the Mormon faith and within months are engaged. But seven years into their marriage, three cops come knocking on the couple's door--there has been an accident--and a gun is involved. Uncovered is a web of lies involving an illicit affair.


Episode 10 - Dead Wrong

After being pursued by handsome Kevin Lewis, Amanda can't wait to marry her new man. But on their honeymoon, Amanda discovers a different side to Kevin--he likes things done a certain way. She eventually asks for a divorce and things spiral out of control--a teenage hitman, a case of mistaken identity and a lover obsessed with control.



Season 1

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