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Episode 1 - We're Like the FBI Right Now

After sending their moms and dads to the Second Chance Retreat, the kids get a special visit from host Yvonne Orji, who reveals that they'll be keeping tabs on their parents' every move. Then, when quick-to-commit Karen and overly-trusting Troy form a connection, it's up to Breana and Noah to make sure the rest of the singles get a fair shake.


Episode 2 - This Might Get a Little Weird

After the latest opportunity to meddle leaves the kids seeing green, Noah, PJ, and Myles jump at the chance to offer their parents some sage advice. Later, PJ tackles a poolside challenge to help his dad Philip's game, while Breana goes to new lengths to make sure Karen keeps her options open.


Episode 3 - Jimmy Jam

Tensions rise as a game of Truth or Dare gives way to the arrival of two new suitors. For their first meddle, Destiny and Brennen are pressed to choose which dads their moms Kiki and Stephanie might want to date before the others are presented with an opportunity to pry.


Episode 4 - It's a Phill Sandwich

After a tandem bike trip gone wrong, Whitney and newcomer Brooks must put the "pedal to the meddle" if they want to keep the lights on for Joel and Trish's date. Meanwhile, Karen and Troy finally find time for themselves, and Scott and DeNeia discuss interracial dating. Later, the kids face their toughest decision yet: determining which dad to send home.


Episode 5 - Bunk Buddies for Life

After one of their own is sent packing, the remaining parents must rally for Trish's superhero-themed birthday celebration. While Scott shows DeNeia his superpowers, Myles makes his displeasure known - much to the dismay of Alex. Then, the arrival of a surprise guest threatens the status quo at the Second Chance Retreat.


Episode 6 - My Rock Says Caution

Grant's rap session with Kiki causes Carlie to cringe, while Brooks finds himself serving as Brennen's butler in order to score Joel a super-soaker date with Stephanie. Then, after a surprise departure rocks the Second Chance Retreat, a shaman-led session allows the parents to re-center - and reconsider their motivations for staying at the house.


Episode 7 - I Got Me a Girlfriend

After another parent decides to leave the Second Chance Retreat, a member of the Kids' Bunker is forced to bid their new friends goodbye - but not before helping with a memorable meddle. Then, the kids get creative with their final pairings - but will sparks fly for any of the remaining suitors?


Episode 8 - We Came to Do What We Came to Do

After a tearful reunion, the parents learn that their kids have been matchmaking - and meddling - behind the scenes all along. While Trish bares her soul to a potential suitor, the remaining pairs learn that proceeding with their budding relationships comes with a shocking twist. Then, a surprise reunion sheds light on the path forward for one of the retreat's most successful pairings.



Season 1

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