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Episode 1 - Track 1: The Cloak of Invisibility

Desperate to escape the bleak future that society has decreed for him, charismatic Steve Jones convinces Malcolm McLaren to manage his band, The Swankers. Steve discovers, however, that his “Cloak of Invisibility” cannot shield him from the audience’s penetrating gaze.


Episode 2 - Track 2: Rotten

As Steve grasps his final chance and attempts to learn guitar in five days, a fury named Johnny Rotten arrives on the scene and the Sex Pistols are born.


Episode 3 - Track 3: Bodies

As Steve and Chrissie Hynde begin to make more than just music, the Pistols begin to wreak anarchy in the U.K. and Johnny Rotten takes deeper inspiration from a grieving young woman.


Episode 4 - Track 4: Pretty Vaaaycunt

The idyllic moment where success is not yet fame later gets obliterated when the band shocks the nation out of its tea-time torpor. The resulting media frenzy causes egos to explode. Steve is emotionally blackmailed by Malcolm McLaren into replacing bassist Glen Matlock with the glorious looking – but musically inept – Sid Vicious.


Episode 5 - Track 5: Nancy & Sid

As Nancy and Sid’s love ignites, Sid becomes increasingly lost to heroin and violence. A plan is hatched to get rid of Nancy, but on a riverboat stunt during the Queen’s Jubilee to promote “God Save the Queen,” chaos takes hold.


Episode 6 - Track 6: Who Killed Bambi?

Malcolm decides that the Sex Pistols have become too much like a rock band; famous, inaccessible – and so he must blow them up. He tours the Pistols not in the big U.S. cities where they’re loved, but in the South, where they’re reviled. The pressure is unbearable. Johnny leaves the band, and a heroin-ridden Sid becomes lead singer. Steve desperately tries to hold the band together, but Nancy is found murdered in a New York City hotel room, and Sid is the main suspect.



Season 1

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