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Episode 1 - It's Hard to be a Saint in the City

After getting kicked out of their apartment, Costello and Iris scramble to find housing before nightfall. Meanwhile, Selby's return from prison receives mixed reactions from Costello, Iris, and Gloria.


Episode 2 - Scenes From a Crucifixion

As Costello works her job at a local peep show, a journalist offers an exciting opportunity. Gloria unexpectedly forms a connection at the funeral home, while Selby meanders back to his old ways.


Episode 3 - The Small World of Florian Selby

Costello goes on an underwhelming date, while Iris confides in Gloria. After an old acquaintance from prison demands restitution, Selby comes to Costello with a proposition.


Episode 4 - Didion Hell

In Bruton, Costello is finally able to hold a part-time job and live her best life. But as cracks in their family unit begin to form, their seemingly perfect new life begins to deteriorate - with devastating results.


Episode 5 - Emotional Erection

When a visit with her family drudges up old demons, Costello finds the courage to say goodbye to Selby. Allegra arrives to help Selby clean up his act. Gloria receives surprising news.


Episode 6 - Jesus Loves a Hustler

As he pines for a phone call from Costello, Selby acclimates to his new reality. Meanwhile, Costello has found a safe space to land, but must continue to hustle to make a living. Gloria wavers over a life-altering decision.


Episode 7 - You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet, Baby

Post-visit from Fen, Selby enters a heated conversation with his therapist. After receiving surprising news that may turn around her future, Costello ties up some loose ends before leaving London – but slowly starts to spiral back into bad habits.


Episode 8 - This is Not an Exit

When he receives a troubling call from Iris, Selby rounds up Gloria and Lenny for a road trip in search of Costello, who is at risk of reaching her breaking point.



Season 1

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