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Episode 1 - Brawl/Blackmail/Gloryhole

Forrest gets into a fight with a stranger, blackmails his new girlfriend and discovers the pleasures of a glory hole.


Episode 2 - Curing Homosexuality/Mile High Club

Forrest attempts to turn a young gay man straight and finds that having sex on an airplane is surprisingly difficult.


Episode 3 - Falsely Accused/Sleep with Your Teacher/Little Person

Forrest has Josh frame him for a crime, has sex with a high school teacher and experiences the everyday struggles of being a little person.


Episode 4 - Cult/Perfect Body

Forrest gathers followers for his new cult and employs a regimen of bodily enhancements in the pursuit of perfection.


Episode 5 - Catfish/Haunted House

Forrest reconnects with an old flame on his first foray into catfishing and discovers different kinds of ghosts while sleeping in a haunted house.


Episode 6 - William Tell/Grant a Wish/Rowboat

Forrest wrangles his father into recreating William Tell's bow-and-arrow feat, reluctantly makes his son's birthday wish comes true and spends time in a rowboat.


Episode 7 - Buried Alive/6-Star Review/Public Speaking

Forrest spends 24 hours in a coffin, faces a dilemma when a viewer asks him to rate something with six stars and makes a public speaking appearance.


Episode 8 - Murder/Magic 8 Ball/Procrastination

Forrest allows a Magic 8-Ball to dictate his decisions for a day, runs into a paradox when faced with the task of procrastinating and faces his toughest review yet.


Episode 9 - Happiness/Pillow Fight/Imaginary Friend

Forrest experiments with being relentlessly upbeat and conducts two reviews from a difficult location.


Episode 10 - Conspiracy Theory

Forrest makes a disconcerting discovery while researching conspiracy theories and finds himself on the run from a man-hunter.



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