Shape Island Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Square’s Very Kind Gesture / The Eclipse

Square makes a mistake while sharing rare bananas. Triangle and Square attempt to keep a secret from Circle.


Episode 2 - Square’s Big Prank / Circle’s Plan Falls Apart

Eager to outwit Triangle, Square plans a sneaky surprise. Circle searches for answers when a critter kidnaps her prized plant.


Episode 3 - Triangle Gets Carried Away / Square’s Different Day

A simple plan leads to an enormous project for Triangle. Square works on a sculpture of Circle.


Episode 4 - Triangle Day / The Storm

Circle and Square learn how to celebrate a unique holiday. An approaching storm excites Triangle—and worries his friends.


Episode 5 - Message in a Bottle / Square’s Special Place

Triangle and Square find mysterious bottles on the beach. While playing hide-and-seek, Square discovers a peaceful spot.


Episode 6 - Triangle Goes Solo / Circle Makes a Mistake

The fearless Triangle sets out on his own. Circle leads a journey to ancient ruins and unexpectedly runs into trouble.


Episode 7 - Square’s Sleepover / Growing Pains

A change of plans tests Square’s patience. Circle helps Square start a garden, but she struggles with his instant success.


Episode 8 - Triangle and Square’s Big Game / The Shooting Star

When Circle brushes off their game, Triangle and Square feel insecure. A mysterious meteor crash inspires a trek across the island.



Season 1

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