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Episode 1 - Falling Into Place

Season Four premiere. In an attempt to honor Lisa's last wishes, Nate finds himself at odds with her family. Meanwhile, David and Keith look for 'genuinely new' ways to start over; Federico seeks out a priest for absolution; Vanessa gets tired of Angelica; Brenda does 'the neighbor thing' with Joe; and Ruth sings the praises of her new husband George.


Episode 2 - In Case of Rapture

George puts his stamp on the Fisher home. David cautions Nate about projecting his personal grief onto their clients; Keith applies for a glamorous new job; Joe challenges the logic of Brenda's 12-step plan; Claire reawakens her artistic muse after meeting a free spirit named Edie; and Federico proves that charity doesn't always begin at home.


Episode 3 - Parallel Play

A group of prank-happy teenagers find their latest joke is no laughing matter. Meanwhile, the Fishers decide to hold a yard sale; David grooms Arthur for a new role; Nate gets intimately involved in Maya's afternoon playgroup; Claire attends an art party; Ruth and George receive some unwanted wedding gifts; Federico gets caught up in family responsibilities; Keith adjusts to the peculiarities of his new job; Joe isn't thrilled by Brenda's yearning for normalcy; and some important memories go up in smoke.


Episode 4 - Can I Come Up Now?

David's ex-fiancee re-enters his life in search of answers to the question, 'Why me?' Meanwhile, Nate has a psychic rendezvous, Keith's new job sends him into the closet, Federico identifies with David's past, Claire decides not to let life pass her by, George dumps some surprise baggage on Ruth, and Margaret weighs in on daughter Brenda's new relationship.


Episode 5 - That's My Dog

With Keith out of town on business, David gets taken for a ride by a hitchhiker. Meanwhile, Nate feels out of place in a bereavement group, Ruth tries to play matchmaker--to George's chagrin, Claire feels empty after a critique of her self-portraits, Brenda and her mom go back to school, and Federico gets an unexpected visitor at work.


Episode 6 - Terror Starts At Home

Fisher & Diaz hosts two very different parties in one night. Meanwhile, David is uncomfortable with all the comfort he's receiving; Nate finds temporary relief at a 'canine retreat,' Claire and her art-school friends go on a trip, Ruth grows frustrated with George's "nasty little secrets" and Federico gets his phone wires crossed.


Episode 7 - The Dare

Ruth goes on a fossil hunt with George, and digs up Sarah and Bettina. Claire focuses her talents on Edie; Federico tries to unload on Sophia; Vanessa does some part-time detective work; Keith goes 'out' to a bar with his co-workers; David drowns his stress; Nate dares Brenda to be honest with Joe, and receives some relationship advice himself.


Episode 8 - Coming and Going

Nate and Brenda take Maya on a train ride, getting caught in their tracks when they go a little too far. Meanwhile, David tries to 'sex-orcise' his demons; Keith straightens out a conflict of interest; Federico starts sleeping on the job; Ruth schools George when he treads on her garden; Vanessa and Angelica take some female matters into their own hands; and Claire enjoys 'dancing' with Edie--as a spectator sport.


Episode 9 - Grinding the Corn

Ruth and Bettina take a road trip to Mexico, leaving the men of Fisher & Diaz to some male bonding--and comic-book crime-fighting. David and Keith open up after closing their 'open' relationship; Claire warms up to Jimmy after getting the cold shoulder from Edie and Anita; Billy resurfaces as a substitute art teacher; and Nate can't decide what he wants from Brenda, who turns to old friends to treat the pain.


Episode 10 - The Black Forest

Nate gives Maya 'one last look' at a memorial for Lisa, where some surprise discoveries ensue. David and Keith are inspired by a same-sex wedding; George agrees to Ruth's marriage stipulations; Federico is disturbed by the 'new and improved' Vanessa; Brenda crosses a bridge with her therapy client; and Claire and Billy develop something in the darkroom.


Episode 11 - Bomb Shelter

Ruth is giddy about going to a tantric workshop with George, who retreats to the family's emergency shelter. Meanwhile, David's last bite at a sushi restaurant threatens to cost him--and Keith--a lot more than the bill; Nate drops a bomb on Barb, which sparks a counterattack; Claire fights Russell over credit for her latest photos; Margaret's hospital stay helps Brenda and Billy begin to heal their rift; and Vanessa shows she can beat Federico at his own game.


Episode 12 - Untitled

In the Season Four finale, Ruth is delighted to meet George's daughter, but worries as his paranoid 'views' of the future escalate. 'Star' Claire gets high off her newfound fame; Federico pleads his case to Vanessa, who delivers a verdict; David confronts a demon face-to-face; Keith considers a business proposal; and Nate comes to final blows with Barb and Hoyt.


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