Teen Mom: Family Reunion Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Mother of All Reunions

Maci and Chey organize a family reunion with the cast of "TMOG" and "Teen Mom Two" in San Diego; when a surprise guest is revealed, drama surfaces between the newer castmates and a screaming match breaks out between Jade and Ashley.


Episode 2 - Don't Rock the Boat

As everyone decompresses from the night before, the group sets out for its first activity together, and some unexpected bonds form; the moms have their first session with life coach Cheyenne Bryant; Amber's self-doubt.


Episode 3 - Never Have I Ever

The cast begins to let loose and form new friendships while a new dad joins the group; Leah decides to invite someone special to the reunion while Amber opens up about her strained relationship with her daughter.


Episode 4 - Welcome to Farrah-Dise

A challenging obstacle course lands a cast member in the hospital; coach Bryant forces the OGs to revisit their tumultuous past; a controversial cast member arrives as the group enjoys a backyard barbecue.


Episode 5 - Ride the Wave

The cast deals with the aftershock of seeing Farrah again, as she threatens to derail the entire reunion. The boys head out on a boat for some dad time leaving the girls to relax and spend time with Coach Bryant.


Episode 6 - Highwire Act

Maci and Farrah have a tense sit down; the group does a team building ropes course, and Ashley freezes; the group gets disco fever when Briana throws a party; Chey opens up about feeling like an outsider when she first joined.


Episode 7 - Tiny Bubbles but Big Troubles

The moms and dads split up for an afternoon; while discussing how to keep romance alive in their respective relationships, the moms notice Leah shutting down and try to get her to open up; Bar woos Ashley at the hot tub.


Episode 8 - Burn Baby Burn

Leah and her boyfriend make big moves in their relationship with the hopes that proximity will make the heart grow fonder. One last hurrah has the moms donning matching unicorn onesies and letting loose.



Season 1

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