90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Love Can't Wait

Ed, Avery, Geoffrey, Lisa, Stephanie, Yolanda and David are on a mission to meet their overseas soulmates in person for the very first time. Nothing can stop them from seeing if their dreams of love can become reality, and Darcey returns for some answers.


Episode 2 - Great Expectations

Darcey decodes mixed messages from Tom. Ed packs gifts for his queen. Yolanda has a confusing conversation with Williams. Geoffrey begins his journey to Russia. Avery seeks her parents' approval, and Lisa's friends are concerned for her safety.


Episode 3 - Risky Business

Stephanie makes a life-changing decision. Lisa meets her Nigerian fiance. Ed worries Rose won't feel a connection. Darcey makes a shocking discovery. Geoffrey's first day in Russia is off to a bumpy start. Yolanda has concerns about Williams social media.


Episode 4 - Baby Be Mine

Usman surprises Lisa. Darcey faces the truth. Avery and Ash finally meet. Stephanie risks her health to travel to Australia. David makes plans to go to Ukraine. Geoffrey questions Varya's intentions and Ed worries about Rose and her family's motives.


Episode 5 - Our Lips Are Sealed

Avery meets Ash's skeptical brother. Ed makes a shocking request. Geoffrey's biggest fear about Varya comes true. Lisa reaches a boiling point. Yolanda hopes she isn't making a mistake. David takes a leap of faith, and Stephanie and Erika finally meet!


Episode 6 - Can't Buy Me Love

Darcey and Tom prepare to meet face to face. Geoffrey questions Varya and the entire trip to Moscow. David anxiously awaits Lana. Stephanie and Erika get romantic. Ed faces regret, while Lisa faces Sojaboy's adoring fans at his music video premiere.


Episode 7 - Who's Crying Now

Darcey and Tom finally meet face to face. Yolanda investigates Williams. Ed meets Rosemarie's family. Stephanie and Erika get crafty. Varya's mother questions Geoffrey. Avery and Ash take a romantic getaway, while Lisa and Usman question their future.


Episode 8 - Stranger in a Strange Land

Usman asks for his mother's blessing. Varya shows Geoffrey her hometown. Ed spends the night at Rosemarie's. Ash and Avery tour the outback. David continues his quest for Lana. Stephanie travels to Erika's hometown, and Darcey and Tom process everything.


Episode 9 - Should've Known Better

Lisa and Usman plead their case to get married. Stephanie meets Erika's friends. Avery questions Ash's professional relationships. David prepares to meet Lana. Yolanda updates Karra on Williams. Geoffrey opens up to Varya's mom, and Darcey gets focused.


Episode 10 - Cuts Both Ways

Darcey has a surprise visitor. David won't give up on Lana. Ed confronts Rose about her sister. Avery attends Ash's seminar. Stephanie and Erika try to reconnect. Geoffrey and Varya go camping. Yolanda looks for answers. Lisa and Usman wait on a decision.


Episode 11 - Private Eyes

Lisa and Usman find common ground. Ed and Rosemarie enjoy some alone time. Stephanie meets Erika's parents. Avery and Ash clash. Yolanda's kids try to protect her. Geoffrey and Varya have a spa day. Darcey says goodbye, while David plans an investigation.


Episode 12 - King of Wishful Thinking

Avery spends some time with Ash's ex. Ed and Rose discuss their relationship. Erika opens up to Stephanie about her past. David listens to his heart, and Geoffrey and Varya look to the future.


Episode 13 - The Pleasure Principle

Geoffrey settles back home. Lisa confronts Usman. Ed leaves the Philippines. Avery and Ash spend time with his son. Darcey rethinks her priorities. Stephanie and Erika say goodbye. Yolanda wants answers from Williams, and David develops things with Lana.


Episode 14 - Hard Habit To Break

David tries to get closer to Lana. Avery says goodbye to Ash. Geoffrey finds himself caught in the middle of a sticky situation. Ed returns home. Stephanie reunites with her mom, and drama ensues when Lisa meets with Usman's elders.


Episode 15 - The NeverEnding Story

Stephanie reveals a secret. Geoffrey follows his heart. Darcey looks ahead to the future. David and Lana spend their last bit of time together. Ed hopes for a second chance, and Lisa and Usman must say goodbye.


Episode 16 - Tell All Part 1

Host Shaun Robinson takes a deep dive with the cast into the details of their most-intense and personal moments this season.


Episode 17 - Tell All Part 2

In Part 2 of the Tell All, host Shaun Robinson dives back in to discuss more of the biggest moments with our couples and updates on where their relationships stand now.


Episode 18 - The Couples Tell More

The couples tell even more in this bonus hour of the Tell All.


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