90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 5 Episodes

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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - A Leap of Faith

Gino packs for his trip to Panama to meet Jasmine. Memphis is ready to marry a Tunisian man she's never met before. Caleb and Alina prepare to meet after 13 years. Kim plans to fly across the world for her last shot at love -- with Usman.


Episode 2 - Catching Flights and Feelings

Jasmine's jealousy rears its head. Memphis has a secret about her ex. Alina worries that Caleb doesn't understand her abilities. Usman's friends do not support his relationship with Kim. Mike's friends believe his girlfriend Ximena is using him.


Episode 3 - First Date, Second Thoughts

Ella longs to meet her Asian prince, Johnny, in person. Gino and Jasmine have a fiery first date. Kim hopes for some romance with Usman. Memphis arrives in Tunisia. Caleb and Alina finally meet. Mike arrives in Colombia, but Ximena may be a no-show.


Episode 4 - Ghosts From the Past

Caleb bumps heads with Alina's best friend. Mike hopes to fulfill Ximena's fantasies. Kim suspects sabotage. Johnny plans to help Ella lose weight. Gino and Jasmine wake up satisfied. Memphis and Hamza can't share a bed.


Episode 5 - False Starts and Promises

Gino worries that Jasmine is materialistic and has a bad temper. Memphis isn't pleased with Hamza's performance in the bedroom. Johnny's family worries about him going to the US. Ximena tells Mike a big secret. Alina wants a commitment from Caleb.


Episode 6 - Burns and Betrayals

Alina ponders telling Caleb about her secret. Memphis feels betrayed by Hamza. Kim challenges Usman's management. Ximena's past disturbs Mike. Jasmine comes clean to Gino. Ben tells his family about his girlfriend Mahogany, 28 years his junior.


Episode 7 - Never Have I Ever

Jasmine leaves Gino home and parties with a stripper. Kim and Usman clash over sleeping arrangements. Memphis is angry at Hamza's immaturity. Mike's habits gross out Ximena. Ben gets bad news from Mahogany. Alina reveals something she's been hiding.


Episode 8 - Calm Before the Storm

Gino's ex contacts Jasmine with some shocking information. Ella has a plan to finally meet Johnny. Alina hopes Caleb can get over her secret. Mike is making changes for Ximena. Ben worries Mahogany might be standing him up.


Episode 9 - Bad Romance

Jasmine explodes over Gino's texts to his ex. Ben attempts to track down Mahogany. Memphis asks Hamza for a prenup. Mike contemplates popping the question to Ximena. Caleb and Alina may finally become exclusive.


Episode 10 - Time's Up

Hamza has some shocking news for Memphis. Ella gives Johnny an ultimatum. Jasmine continues to reel from Gino's betrayal. Ben tries to keep hope alive in Peru. Usman surprises Kim. Mike sees a change in Ximena.


Episode 11 - Back to Square One

Gino prepares to meet Jasmine's mother. Memphis reveals her secret to Hamza. Ximena gives Mike an ultimatum. Kim and Usman's relationship takes an unexpected turn for the worse.


Episode 12 - Head Games

Kim and Usman's relationship is put to the test. Gino tries to win over Jasmine's mom. Hamza worries about Memphis' relationship with her ex-husband. Mike seeks help to understand Ximena's doubts.


Episode 13 - There's No Fear in Love

Gino's past mistakes come back to haunt him. Kim gives Usman an ultimatum. Mike's friend gives him some tough love regarding Ximena. Ella gets a final answer from Johnny.


Episode 14 - Disappearing Act

Jasmine makes a decision about her relationship with Gino once and for all. Memphis prepares for a tough conversation with Hamza. Usman takes matters into his own hands. Ben's confusion about Mahogany deepens. Mike and Ximena's relationship takes a turn.


Episode 15 - Cold and Calculated

Gino's attempt to ask Jasmine for a prenup does not go as planned. Kim and Usman say goodbye. Mike tries to work things out with Ximena. Ben confronts Mahogany. Memphis and Hamza prepare to say "I do."


Episode 16 - Unfinished Business

Usman has second thoughts. Memphis and Hamza say goodbye. Ben pleads his case to Mahogany. Jasmine wishes things were different with Gino. Ximena wants Mike gone.


Episode 17 - Tell All Part 1

Host Shaun Robinson takes a deep dive with the cast into the details of their most intense and personal moments this season.


Episode 18 - Tell All Part 2

The drama continues as Shaun Robinson and the cast delve even further into the most intense moments of the season.


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