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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Alex vs Italian

Host Eric Adjepong welcomes three chefs specializing in Italian cuisine from New York, Florida and New Jersey into the arena. The chefs strategize which ingredients to choose that will take Chef Alex Guarnaschelli out in round one. In a competitive round two, judges Evan Funke and Antonia Lofaso will determine if one of these Italian experts have the chops to beat Alex in her own kitchen.


Episode 2 - Alex vs Brunch

Host Eric Adjepong welcomes three talented brunch experts from New Hampshire, California and Arizona to challenge Chef Alex Guarnaschelli in two intense rounds of cooking. In round one, the chefs seal their fate by choosing the ingredients everyone will be challenged to cook with. Judges Adrienne Cheatham and Brooke Williamson eliminate one chef before round two, where taking first place could win a chef $10,000, but only if they can defeat Chef Alex.


Episode 3 - Alex vs Pork

Eric Adjepong hosts as Chef Alex Guarnaschelli goes up against three pork experts from New York, Washington and Arkansas. The chefs do their best to choose ingredients that will knock Alex out of the competition in round one. In round two, the remaining competitors will use their knowledge of pork to impress judges Kathy Fang and Simon Majumdar, vying for the top spot and the chance to win $10,000.


Episode 4 - Alex vs Cheese

Host Eric Adjepong introduces three skilled chefs from California, Texas and North Carolina to take on one of America's favorite ingredients: cheese! The chefs strategize what ingredients to use to take a shot at knocking Chef Alex Guarnaschelli out of the top spot and test their abilities. Judges Michael Voltaggio and Leah Park Fierro's decision will lead to one of the most unexpected winner announcements yet.


Episode 5 - Alex vs French

It's a battle for the ages as host Eric Adjepong welcomes three French experts from California, Florida and Colorado to attempt to take down classically French-trained Chef Alex Guarnaschelli. Their strategy picking ingredients in round one could help the chefs succeed, but will it be enough to get them a win in the second round? Judges Ludo Lefebvre and Victoire Loup will determine which chef can dominate the competition in an emotional final challenge.


Episode 6 - Alex vs Desserts

Three seasoned dessert chefs from California, Washington and Texas challenge Chef Alex Guarnaschelli in two sweet rounds of cooking hosted by Eric Adjepong. The chefs are betting their pastry skills will give them a chance at taking down Alex, but it will be up to judges Sherry Yard and Dahlia Narvaez to decide on the winner.


Episode 7 - Alex vs No Meat

Three chefs from New York, Oregon and Texas who specialize in vegetarian and vegan cuisine meet host Eric Adjepong in the arena. The chefs strategize ingredients in round one with the hopes of knocking Chef Alex Guarnaschelli out of the competition and a chance to win $10,000. Judges Fariyal Abdullahi and Jet Tila will determine the winner of the intense no-meat-allowed challenges.


Episode 8 - Alex vs Modernist Cuisine

Expect the unexpected when host Eric Adjepong welcomes three modernist cuisine experts from New Jersey, Colorado and South Carolina. These chefs are ready to stretch the boundaries of food in two rounds of intense competition, and judges Byron Gomez Chacon and Marcel Vigneron will decide if they succeed in outcooking Chef Alex Guarnaschelli.



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