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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Alex vs James Beard Winners

Eric Adjepong welcomes three James Beard-winning chefs from Illinois, Georgia and California to the arena. These chefs are ready to show Alex Guarnaschelli and judges Stephanie Izard and Kwame Onwauchi just how they won their prestigious culinary award.


Episode 2 - Alex vs Chicken

Three chicken-loving chefs from Florida, California and Illinois hope their poultry skills are enough to beat Alex Guarnaschelli's competition prowess. In a blind judging, Jet Tila and Gabriele Bertaccini decide which chicken challenger earns top prize.


Episode 3 - Alex vs Bacon

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and three skilled chefs from California, Massachusetts and Colorado take on one of America's favorite ingredients: bacon! The chefs will test their abilities and bacon know-how to knock out Chef Alex with this beloved protein.


Episode 4 - Alex vs Southern Comfort

Alex Guarnaschelli enters the arena to face three Southern comfort food experts hailing from Mississippi, Tennessee and North Carolina. The chefs will have to strategize on their comfort food celebration in hopes of knocking Alex out of the competition.


Episode 5 - Alex vs Salmon

Eric Adjepong welcomes three of the country's most skilled salmon experts to prove their knowledge of fish can compete with Alex Guarnaschelli's experience. The ingredients they choose could give them an advantage or help Alex blow them out of the water.


Episode 6 - Alex vs Hawaii

Eric Adjepong invites three chefs from Hawaii to take on Alex Guarnaschelli in a competition celebrating the uniqueness of Hawaiian food. They'll have to impress judges Roy Yamaguchi and Sheldon Simeon to beat Chef Alex and claim their prize.


Episode 7 - Alex vs Pastry

Eric Adjepong welcomes three pastry chefs from Kentucky, California and New Jersey to outshine Alex Guarnaschelli's pastry expertise. The chefs pull out all the stops for judges Sherry Yard and Stephanie Boswell in order to give Alex a run for her money.


Episode 8 - Alex vs Game Day

Three talented chefs representing some of the busiest sports stadiums in the United States challenge Alex Guarnaschelli in a battle for the best game day dish. They'll have the chance to win up to $15,000 if they can knock Chef Alex out of the ballpark.


Episode 9 - Alex vs Potatoes

Eric Adjepong welcomes three spud experts from across the country to challenge Alex Guarnaschelli with one of America's top foods: the potato. Judges Simon Majumdar and Ricardo Zarate determine if one of these chefs can beat Chef Alex in her own kitchen.


Episode 10 - Alex vs California

Three California-based chefs aim to take down New Yorker Alex Guarnaschelli with their coastal cuisine. The chefs bet their skills with Californian food can win over judges Michael Voltaggio and Troy Johnson and give them a chance at defeating Chef Alex.



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