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Season 31 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Monster in Muskegon

When two separate cases run cold for women who have been abducted and murdered, it takes the courage of a third unsuspecting victim, to unveil a killer hiding in plain sight.


Episode 2 - A Dangerous Calling

When an up-and-coming defense attorney is murdered in her office, her colleagues vow to seek justice and "make this right."


Episode 3 - Justice for April

Small town detectives are frightened by what may come next after a young girl is brutally murdered in the woods; with a chance encounter and a digital trail, they must catch the child murderer at large.


Episode 4 - Internal Affairs

When a local deputy sheriff's pregnant daughter is shot and killed in her bed, the search for answers gets personal, as investigators suspect a killer close to home.


Episode 5 - The Enemy Within

When a loving wife and mother is found stabbed to death inside her home, a team of investigators dedicate eight years to finding her killer. Ultimately, an undercover sting operation uncovers a world of lies, betrayal, and terror.


Episode 6 - Strangers Online (#2122)

When a 13-year-old girl goes missing and is found murdered, virtual evidence she leaves behind leads to two shocking arrests.


Episode 7 - Sleeping With the Enemy (#2123)

When an Army Sergeant is gunned down at home on New Year's Eve, investigators are at a loss on who would harm the beloved family man, until fellow soldiers in his unit confess shocking secrets to solve his murder.


Episode 8 - A Deadly Con (#2124)

When an Ohio man emerges from a remote forest with a bullet lodged in his arm having survived a murder attempt, investigators uncover a deadly scheme to lure men with an online job posting only to kill them for financial gain.


Episode 9 - Hiding in Plain Sight

A relentless detective leaves no stone unturned until the entire truth behind a young woman's brutal death is exposed and everyone responsible for taking her life is brought to justice.



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