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Episode 1 - Follow Your Dreams

Apple and Onion need to find a dream to follow, so that their lives don't head nowhere.


Episode 1 - Panamanian Night Monkey

Apple & Onion must become zebras to see their favorite monkey at the zoo.


Episode 1 - Falafel's Passion

Apple and Onion must stop Falafel from humiliating himself on a national TV show.


Episode 1 - A New Life

Apple and Onion both leave their homes and follow their dreams to the big city but things don't go quite to plan.


Episode 2 - Za

To help Pizza's Diner, Apple and Onion give it a complete makeover.


Episode 2 - The Perfect Team

Onion worries his relationship with Apple is in jeopardy when a stray cat enters the picture.


Episode 2 - Sausage and Sweetie Smash

Apple and Onion must conquer their obsessions of sausages and a video game.


Episode 2 - Hole in Roof

Apple and Onion must repair the hole in their roof before the impending storm of the century.


Episode 3 - Selfish Shellfish

Apple and Onion have to prove that they're not selfish when they do their good deeds.


Episode 3 - Tips

Apple and Onion have to find a way to ride the Hot Air Balloon which is in their town for one day only.


Episode 3 - Broccoli

Apple and Onion must get Hoagie to finish replacing their building’s roof so that they can get on with their lives.


Episode 3 - Patty's Law

Apple and Onion must look after a sick Falafel in order to go parasailing.


Episode 4 - Apple's Formula

Apple needs to find a funny formula that will land him a comedic in a movie.


Episode 4 - Cousin's Day

Apple & Onion have to sell a lot of Cousin’s Day mugs before Patty gets back from vacation.


Episode 4 - The Eater

Apple and Onion take on a monster in a parallel universe in order to get back home.


Episode 4 - Falafel's Fun Day

When Falafel decides to pack up and leave the city, Apple and Onion have to convince him to stay or they'll have to leave too.


Episode 5 - Nothing Can Stop Us

Apple & Onion have to get Hot Dog his toupée before an important audition.


Episode 5 - River of Gold

In a world populated by anthropomorphic food, Apple and Onion, a pair of childlike newcomers to the big city, attempt to fit into their new surroundings.


Episode 5 - 4 on 1

Onion's fear of crowds threatens his basketball team's success.


Episode 5 - Apple & Onion's Booth

Apple and Onion must save their favorite booth at Pizza's Diner from a Texas oil tycoon.


Episode 6 - Apple's in Trouble

Apple is challenged to a fight by a grumpy Cheesesteak, so he and Onion go on a quest to find the source of Cheesesteak's grumpiness.


Episode 6 - Appleoni

Apple and Onion want credit for creating a new dance craze.


Episode 6 - Ferekh

Apple and Onion have to get Falafel’s beloved rooster back from scientists.


Episode 6 - Good Job

Apple and Onion need to get the building tenants to appreciate Falafel more.


Episode 7 - Falafel's in Jail

Apple & Onion must get Falafel out of jail for a crime he did not commit.


Episode 7 - Pat On the Head

Apple must unhypnotize Onion before they can cook for a very important guest.


Episode 7 - Hotdog's Movie Premiere

Apple and Onion square off against a no-nonsense security guard after they're banned from the premiere of their friend Hot Dog's new movie.


Episode 7 - One Hit Wonder

Apple and Onion have to keep a couple together so they can sing their new love song at the couple’s wedding.


Episode 8 - Bottle Catch

Apple and Onion's favorite game attracts some unexpected attention.


Episode 8 - Falafel's Glory

Apple and Onion must win a trivia game to get the world’s largest meatball.


Episode 8 - A Matter of Pride

Apple and Onion quit their demeaning jobs at the Dollar Store as a matter of pride.


Episode 8 - The Music Store Thief

Apple and Onion have to defend the music store from instrument theft to get a key to the store.


Episode 9 - Pancake's Bus Tour

Apple and Onion go on a guided bus tour as part of their plan to get Apple's shoe back.


Episode 9 - The Fly

Apple and Onion must rid their apartment of a fly or face eviction.


Episode 9 - Christmas Spirit

Apple and Onion have to become mall Santas to get the gifts they want for Christmas.


Episode 9 - Eyesore a Sunset

Art is subjective and Apple and Onion agree to let that get between them.


Episode 10 - Block Party

Apple and Onion have to outwit a mean duck who's taken over their building's roof.


Episode 10 - Slobbery

Apple and Onion have to get rid of Burger’s roommate so Burger will help them.


Episode 10 - For Queen and Country

Onion has an unexpected and impossible new love interest. Off to England then.


Episode 10 - Dragonhead

Apple and Onion must run a secret parking lot on their roof terrace so they can have a shower.


Episode 11 - Pulling Your Weight

Apple and Onion join a gym to gain the strength of seven people.


Episode 11 - Petri

Apple and Onion must get back to their apartment to put the lid back on a dangerous petri dish.


Episode 11 - Microwave's Dance Club

Apple and Onion need more room in a packed nightclub in order to bust their dance moves.


Episode 12 - All Work and No Play

Apple and Onion build eye masks to sleep at work so they can have more time for fun.


Episode 12 - Lowlifes

Apple and Onion cannot allow themselves to be viewed by society - and more importantly by smug old Chicken Nugget - as lowlifes.


Episode 12 - Rotten Apple

Apple and Onion try to convince Onion's Dad that Apple is not a bad influence.


Episode 13 - Drone Shoes

Apple and Onion need to find power to plug in their new plasma ball.


Episode 13 - Falafel's Car Keys

Apple and Onion are deemed responsible enough to borrow Falafel's car for their first road trip together. Nothing will go wrong, and they're going to make sure of getting some practice in.


Episode 13 - The Inbetween

Apple and Onion get lost beneath their floorboards and must find a way out.


Episode 14 - Sneakerheads

Apple and Onion need a Last Will and Testament if they are to protect their belongings from the state.


Episode 14 - Election Day

Apple runs for Mayor.


Episode 14 - Walking on the Ceiling

Apple & Onion need to get down from being stuck on the ceiling of a bridge.


Episode 15 - Keep it Fresh

Apple & Onion need to refrigerate a sandwich before it expires.


Episode 15 - Champion

Apple and Onion need to get rid of a problematic dog they thought was a horse.


Episode 15 - Filthy Rich

What does it take to be truly content? Whatever it takes, Apple and Onion are going to achieve it.


Episode 16 - Truffle Season

It’s Truffle Season, Apple and Onion are Truffle Hunters and they will stop at nothing to taste a truffle.


Episode 17 - Lambporcini

Apple and Onion are very happy with their sweet new matching designer outfits they bought from known scam-artist Street Dog. That's until Chicken Nugget mistakes them for something they are not.


Episode 18 - Jerk Chicken

In pursuit of the American Dream, Apple and Onion start their own business. However, a rather troublesome customer stands in their way.


Episode 19 - Open House Cookies

Jerk Chicken is selling his house and Apple and Onion have been showing a lot of interest which definitely has nothing to do with the delicious cookies out on offer.


Episode 20 - World Cup

It's time to relax in the expensive massage chairs that Apple & Onion have rented for the month. It's also time for the Football (soccer) World Cup and Falafel's team, Egypt are in the tournament


Episode 21 - Win It or Bin It

Apple and Onion are about to take ownership of a brand new luxury penthouse apartment and be rid of their roof shack for ever! All they need is a good reference from a previous landlord...Falafel.



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