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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Rebirth in the Mara

The Marsh Pride have welcomed new cubs which they must protect from the encroaching buffalo herd. Malaika the cheetah is on the hunt to provide for her young. Jonathan seeks to reconnect with leopard Bahati who has three rarely seen cubs of her own.


Episode 2 - Danger in the Long Grass

The Dynamics of the Marsh pride are changing with introduction of the older cubs to Charm's newborns. Malaika's persistence to nourish her young leads her to a dramatic wildebeest pursuit. Bahati reveals her cubs as Jonathan has his first sighting.


Episode 3 - Battle on the Plains

Bahati struggles to protect her three cubs from baboons and lions. The Marsh lionesses hunt an injured buffalo while Malaika meets her match in a battle with a large male impala. The arrival of 6 male lions puts the entire Marsh Pride at risk.


Episode 4 - Faces from the Shadows

After months away, the team returns to the Mara during the migration of the wildebeest. The Marsh Pride are missing and must be found. A rare coalition of 5 male cheetahs has arrived. Bahati attempts to hunt topi before a huge crocodile intervenes.


Episode 5 - Survivors of the Savanna

New characters emerge, including Fig the leopard. Jackson witnesses the 5 cheetah boys coopreratively hunting. Notch and her young cubs attempt to journey across the plains. Jonathan witnesses a spectacular crossing before some old friends return.



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