Big Cat Tales

Big Cat Tales Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Kingdom of Predators

A dispersed Marsh Pride faces weakened protection from the six male warrior lions. Kabibiand Cloudy Eye desperately hunt to sustain their hungry new cubs. Amani the cheetah works hard to raise three new cubs.


Episode 2 - Stripes vs Spots

Jonathan discovers the secretive den site of Dada the lioness' newborn cubs. Olare, the leopard, displays a rarely seen mating ritual. The Marsh Pride lionesses face off with an elephant who isn't happy with their presence.


Episode 3 - Peril on the Horizon

Clashing elephants force the Marsh pride to take cover. Fig the leopard continues to give vital lessons for young cub. The Marsh pride females are threatened by unknown nomadic males. Amani the cheetah battles a hyena over food.



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