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Episode 101 - Blindspotting: Ep 101 - The Ordeal

Ashley is ready to ring in the New Year with Miles, her partner of 12 years. However, when she turns the corner, her whole world is turned upside down.


Episode 102 - Blindspotting: Ep 102 - Smashley Rose

It's sentencing day for Miles and tensions are high as Ashley, Rainey and Trish wait for the judge's decision. When the gavel comes down, Ashley's day is set on a path towards destruction.


Episode 103 - Blindspotting: Ep 103 - The Rule of Three

With his dad gone, Sean is beginning to spiral out. When a tough parenting moment is upon Ashley, Rainey and the Turner family try to introduce her to the "Rule of Three."


Episode 104 - Blindspotting: Ep 104 - The Four Hustlateers

Ashley and Rainey start bonding with some of Miles' old weed. Earl's parole officers pays him a visit and reveals a new parole requirement. Janelle's dates don't go so well.


Episode 105 - Blindspotting: Ep 105 - Beaches Be Trippin'

Ashley bails on a visit with Miles. Convinced it will help Ashley through the emotional trauma of her situation, Janelle convinces Ashley to join her on a trip to the beach and Trish and Jacque invite themselves along.


Episode 106 - Blindspotting: Ep 106 - Ghost Dad

Ashley's struggle with how to tell Sean about Miles' incarceration is at a fever pitch, so she enlists the Miles in her head to figure out how to tell him.


Episode 107 - Blindspotting: Ep 107 - Seannie Darko

Sean has a bad day, so the family goes bowling to try and cheer him up. Meanwhile, Trish and Jacque figure out how to finally be their own bosses. Earl finally gets his burrito.


Episode 108 - Blindspotting: Ep 108 - Bride or Die

Ashley brings the whole family to visitation to see Miles. Earl starts his first day of work at the ports but is hit with red light special.



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