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Episode 1 - The Interrogation / Lost Playground

The Interrogation: After Mr. Reese discovers his precious car smeared with meatball sauce, he pulls out his officer's cap and enlists Clarence to help his investigation to nab the culprit. / Lost Playground: When Aberdale Elementary's beloved playground equipment is replaced with safe, boring alternatives, Clarence and the gang seek out their old playground equipment in the legendary lost playground yard.


Episode 1 - Patients / Rough Riders Elementary

Patients: Clarence must somehow navigate the mind-numbing boredom of a doctor's office waiting room to earn the ultimate prize - candy from the reception desk candy jar. / Rough Riders Elementary: When a corporate sponsorship of Clarence's school turns into an ominous corporate takeover, Clarence must stand up to the "the man," no matter how tasty the chicken may be.


Episode 1 - Pilot

Clarence is a new kid in school who can't wait to make new friends. In this pilot episode, Clarence hosts a party at his house and shows his new friends how to have fun the Clarence way. Meet creator Skyler Page and writer Spencer Rothbell as they introduce you to Clarence and his two best friends, Jeff and Sumo.


Episode 1 - Classroom / Dullance

Classroom: Over the course of a single day in Ms. Baker's class, we see how Clarence and his classmates deal with their individual trials during the school day. / Dullance: Burned out from having so many adventures, Clarence struggles to sit around and do nothing.


Episode 1 - Clarence for President / Rock Show

Clarence for President: It's school election time at Aberdale Elementary, and Jeff is once again determined to become Class President. However, like previous years, he's unsuccessful in connecting with other kids - that is until he sees a shoe-in puppet President - the lovable Clarence! / Rock Show: Chad's band Dogmon, plays a show for the first time in years, giving Clarence and Mary a chance to really rock out.


Episode 2 - Fun Dungeon Face Off / Pretty Great Day with a Girl

Fun Dungeon Face Off: Clarence's Mom treats Clarence, Jeff and Sumo to an afternoon at Rough Riders Chicken, a fast food restaurant with a play emporium. When Clarence and Sumo steal Jeff's fries, Jeff is forced to confront his germ phobias head-on in the restaurant's seemingly unsanitary play area. / Pretty Great Day with a Girl: Clarence and Amy, a unique girl from down the street, bond over a hunt for a monstersized rock called an "erratic."


Episode 2 - The Phantom Clarence / Jeffrey Wendle

The Phantom Clarence: Clarence is determined to throw the sleepover to end all sleepovers - his biggest party yet! Decorations, pillow fights, games - he's got it all...there's only one thing missing - guests! Clarence sets out to invite all his friends in town, but finds that they might need some convincing... / Jeffrey Wendle: Mary and Chad are relieved to have a quiet day with Clarence's friend Jeff. Unlike Clarence, Jeff is polite, organized, and clean. However, they soon suspect there's something Jeff is hiding from them!


Episode 2 - Nothing Ventured / Bedside Manners

Nothing Ventured: Clarence and Sumo look to throw together some quick cash so they can invest in Chad and Sumo's dad's new "business venture," a boutique sculpture shop. / Bedside Manners: After a nasty spill lands Belson in a full body cast, Clarence pays his bedridden friend a visit at the hospital, but what Clarence thinks will cheer him up might actually drive Belson totally crazy!


Episode 2 - Jeff's Secret / Space Race

Jeff's Secret: When Clarence discovers a new quirk about his friend, Jeff begs Clarence not to tell. Can Clarence resist the urge to expose Jeff's secret to the whole school? / Space Race: With Clarence distracted by the mysterious power of the moon, his class competes to build the highest-flying rocket. Will Sumo's homemade bucket of bolts beat Belson's store-bought rocket?


Episode 2 - Bird Boy Man / Freedom Cactus

Bird Boy Man: Sumo discovers an injured roadrunner, names him Hot Sauce, and nurses him back to health. The two become inseparable pals, but Sumo learns that a wild animal can't be contained. / Freedom Cactus: Clarence draws a comic for the school paper and it becomes a huge hit with the kids. When angry parents step in and censor the comic's "crass" humor, Clarence must stand up for his artistic vision.


Episode 3 - Money Broom Wizard / Lost in the Supermarket

Money Broom Wizard: Can Clarence, Jeff and Sumo manage to have a good time at "Pizza Swamp" Arcade with only one dollar to spend between them? Yes. / Lost in the Supermarket: During a trip to the supermarket with his Mom, Clarence discovers produce adventure and coupon intrigue in aisle five... and every other aisle.


Episode 3 - Plant Daddies / Bucky and the Howl

Plant Daddies: When Ms. Baker pairs up the kids to act as parents for a sprout, Sumo and Clarence learn all about good parenting. Jeff buys toys instead of fertilizer and Chelsea and Kimby get to know each other. / Bucky and the Howl: After Clarence learns Sumo's in the school musical, he joins up and enthusiastically promotes the show. On opening night with a packed house, stage fright takes hold of Sumo and he runs off leaving Clarence to go on alone.


Episode 3 - Badgers N' Bunkers / Dingus and McNoBrain

Badgers N' Bunkers: As Sumo's dad Mel prepares the family for over-the-top doomsday scenarios, Sumo struggles to convince his family to let him keep a new pet. / Dingus and McNoBrain: Stuck in detention with Mr. Reese, an annoyed Belson is forced to go along with Mr. Reese's latest makeshift detective mystery.


Episode 3 - Plane Excited / Escape from Beyond the Cosmic

Plane Excited: Clarence is all excited visit his grandma - when he learns that Chad has never been on a plane. Clarence makes it his mission to help Chad get through a hectic flight. / Escape from Beyond the Cosmic: When Clarence accidentally breaks a local arcade game Jeff has become obsessed with, Clarence puts together his own real-life version of the game at home, encouraging Jeff to act out his fantasy in levels created exclusively by Clarence.


Episode 3 - Suspended / Turtle Hats

Suspended: Clarence and Sumo hit the jackpot when they get suspended for a week, learning all sorts of different facts they never learned in class. / Turtle Hats: While reading a confusing text message in class, Ms. Baker accidentally assigns a weekend project on "turtle hats," and the kids struggle to figure out exactly what that entails.


Episode 4 - Goldfish Follies / Goose Chase

Goldfish Follies: Clarence buys a goldfish, but when the goldfish bag breaks before he can get home, Clarence must keep his new friend out of harms way. / Goose Chase: Clarence happily feeds some birds his sandwich, imagining himself as their king.


Episode 4 - Worm Bin / Clarence & Sumo's Rexcellent Adventure

Worm Bin: After his mom gets a worm bin, Jeff deals with the gross reality that he has a tub of bugs living in his kitchen, and Clarence obsesses over feeding the worms. / Clarence & Sumo's Rexcellent Adventure: On a school trip to the Aberdale Natural History Museum, Clarence and Sumo check out the displays, goof around with the exhibits and even remove a tooth from the T-Rex display.


Episode 4 - Clarence's Millions / Clarence Gets a Girlfriend

Clarence's Millions: When Clarence realizes the classroom "buddy star" system is leaving some kids behind, he creates his own form of currency called "Clarence Dollars." The new reward system promptly turns the entire school upside down. / Clarence Gets a Girlfriend: When Clarence is asked out on a date by Ashley, a girl in his class, he realizes he doesn't know the first thing about having a girlfriend! Clarence enlists Sumo and Jeff to transform himself into the perfect gentleman...just in time for his big date.


Episode 4 - Bye Bye Baker / Flood Brothers

Bye Bye Baker: An ever-cheerful Clarence attempts to improvise a sleepover party with some of Aberdale's townsfolk in an unusual location - while everyone else panics. / Flood Brothers: Our stories come to a head as Aberdale tensions rise. The residents must act quickly to work together, or accept their impending doom.


Episode 4 - Ren Faire / Time Crimes

Ren Faire: Clarence and his pals venture to the Aberdale Renaissance Faire. Clarence confuses a medieval play for reality, and vows to stop the "evil" black knight from getting the princess. / Time Crimes: When Clarence is convinced he has the power to manipulate time he vows to only use his "abilities" for good. However, a day at school puts his morals to the test when he's given the ultimate choice - to help his friends or pause time in the name of fun.


Episode 5 - Birthday / Tree of Life

Birthday: Jeff and Sumo expect no one to show at Clarence's birthday party, just like last year. When dozens of kids arrive, the boys struggle to get face time with Clarence, the popular party host. / Tree of Life: Clarence, Jeff and Sumo make it their mission to climb a really tall tree before it's set to be chopped down. As they scale higher and higher their reality begins to slip away.


Episode 5 - Saturday School / Attack At the Block Party

Saturday School: After creating an unapproved mural on a wall at Aberdale Elementary, Clarence, Jeff and Sumo are forced to come to school on a Saturday to clean up as punishment. / Attack at the Block Party: Clarence, Jeff, and Sumo investigate a high school party down the street, which they mistake for an alien invasion.


Episode 5 - Jeff Wins / Chimney

Jeff Wins: Jeff enlists Clarence to help him prepare for the big Aberdale cook-off. Will Jeff keep his cool or freak out and toss his dish away like in years past? / Chimney: While playing in the woods, the boys befriend a wild dog, bring it home and name it Chimney.


Episode 5 - Pool's Out For Summer / The Big Game

Pool's Out For Summer: The boys go to the Aberdale Community Pool for a day of wet fun! While Jeff slowly wades in the shallow end, Sumo tries to conquer the diving board, and Clarence sneaks past the lifeguards into the hot tub for a boiling surprise... / The Big Game: Chad takes Clarence to his first big game! Clarence takes it all in - the crack of the bat, the touchdown dances, slam-dunks, and of course, hotdogs and popcorn! But will Clarence get to fulfill his dream of meeting Aberdale's beloved mascot?


Episode 5 - Jeff's New Toy / Dinner Party

Jeff's New Toy: Jeff wants to keep his new, flying "Wrath Hover Ginsbot" toy in its box. Clarence is desperate to play with the toy, and poor Sumo is caught in the middle. / Dinner Party: When Clarence's mom takes Clarence to a stuffy dinner party, Clarence embarks on a quest for fun wherever it can be found.


Episode 6 - Straight Illin / Dust Buddies

Straight Illin: In an escalating series of dares, Clarence eats five hundred hard-boiled eggs, delighting the kids around him. / Dust Buddies: As punishment for making a huge mess in their house, Belson's mom makes Belson clean up, offering their usual maid service to Mary and Clarence.


Episode 6 - Capture the Flag

Water balloon fights, warring factions and the risk of jail time, everything is on the line when Clarence and friends play the biggest game of capture the flag yet! Everyone wants to take home the crown, and the power to control the neighborhood's juice boxes.


Episode 6 - Field Trippin' / Ice Cream Hunt

Field Trippin': After a pit stop bathroom break during a school field trip, Clarence returns to the parking lot and accidentally gets on the wrong school bus - which takes him to a different school! / Ice Cream Hunt: Clarence enlists the help of his eccentric neighbor Larry to take the trio out for ice cream - and the ride of their lives!


Episode 6 - Honk / Dollar Hunt

Honk: Seeking to improve his communication skills, Clarence turns into a squeeze horn. It's really annoying. / Dollar Hunt: Clarence hosts a fun "dollar hunt" game to meet new friends. But things go awry when Clarence accidentally buries the money his mom gave him to buy refreshments for her book club meeting.


Episode 6 - The Boxcurse Children / Karate Mom

The Boxcurse Children: Clarence, Jeff, and Sumo stumble upon a mysterious box. After they open it, some strange things begin to happen. Convinced they've unlocked a curse, they become determined to reverse it! / Karate Mom: After surprising Clarence with Martial Arts classes at the "Aberdojo," Mary gets talked into joining the class herself. She loves the slow-paced lessons in discipline and control, but Clarence just wants to have fun and kick butt! Can Mary convince Clarence to stick with the class, earn his belt and have some fun with her?


Episode 7 - Clarence Loves Schoopy / Public Radio

Clarence Loves Shoopy: When Clarence discovers that one of his neighbors is the grumpy school recess proctor Ms. Shoop - he decides the only things she's missing are some friends. / Public Radio: After listening to public radio, Clarence is inspired to record an interview featuring Sumo. When Ms. Baker hears the interview, she gets Clarence a spot on Aberdale Public Radio!


Episode 7 - Zoo / Rise and Shine

Zoo: Clarence and Belson make a true odd couple when they're paired up during a field trip to the zoo and find themselves locked inside after hours. / Rise and Shine: A glimpse at the wild, secret adventures Clarence undertakes each day before the rest of us, and the sun, get up.


Episode 7 - Cloris / Fishing Trip

Cloris: When Clarence befriends an aging woman at the local retirement home, he's determined to remind her of her old self in order to convert the grumpy granny to his fun loving ways. / Fishing Trip: Mel learns that Chad has never taken Clarence fishing, a tradition he sees as a rite of passage, and decides to remedy this with a bonding trip for all the boys! Split into two groups, Mel and Clarence learn a bit about each other while Chad struggles with the ins and outs of fishing.


Episode 7 - Company Man / Stump Brothers

Company Man: When Clarence loses the ball during a soccer game, he ends up following it into an office building, where he's mistaken for the boss's kid and given free reign to wander around. Will he climb his way to the top of the corporate ladder or end up on the chopping block? / Stump Brothers: After Clarence and Sumo cause a power outage in Sumo's family home, they're sent off in the hot desert with Sumo's older brother to retrieve a generator part. Will they survive the trek or will Sumo's sibling rivalry boil over?


Episode 7 - Hurricane Dilliss / Hoofin' It

Hurricane Dilliss: Things in the Wendle household are turned upside down with Mary's mom Dilliss comes to visit, butting her way into every corner of Clarence, Mary and Chad's Life. / Hoofin' It: It's time for the annual Aberdale Greased Pig Chase and everyone's excited - except Clarence. He feels so bad for poor little pig Butterscotch that he takes their place in the pig chase, running from townsfolk eager to take home the prized barrel full of hot dogs! Guest Voice: Amy Sedaris as Donna-Joe Judley.


Episode 8 - The Tails of Mardrynia / Clarence Wendle and the Eye of Coogan

The Tails of Mardrynia: After reading a book about a mystical animal society in class, Clarence is inspired to round up local animals and recreate an animal world of his own to cheer up his friend Percy. But will Percy take the game too far? / Clarence Wendle and the Eye of Coogan: Clarence and a few other students find the crusty old journal of Coogan filled with clues leading to a mysterious treasure. Clarence spearheads the team of treasure hunters to journey through the perils of Aberdale seeking the lost Eye of Coogan.


Episode 8 - Detention / Hairence

Detention : After Clarence discovers that Mr, Reese falls asleep during detention when given a donut, it becomes THE spot to be during recess. When Jeff gets wind of it he transforms it from a fun hang out spot to a too-cool-for-school club. / Hairence: It's time for Clarence's first summer job- helping out his mom at HIP CLIPZ SALON SCHOOL, but when a rude customer bosses around Mary and her staff, Clarence gives her a haircut she'll never forget.


Episode 8 - Belson's Backpack / Motel

Belson's Backpack: After an accidental backpack swap, Clarence discovers that Belson is hiding an artistic side and attempts to foster Belson's creativity. / Motel: Following an insect mishap Clarence's house needs to be fumigated forcing Mary, Chad, and Clarence into a motel. In the meantime, Clarence and Chad learn a bit about responsibility while Mary contemplates a life of letting go.


Episode 8 - Man of the House / Puddle Eyes

Man of the House: Clarence's first night home alone spirals out of control, forcing Clarence and his pals to wage war against their own home security measures. / Puddle Eyes: A nap in mud seals Clarence's eyes and leaves him sightless, potentially dooming his team's chances in the school's ill-conceived "Vision Bee."


Episode 9 - Dream Boat / Slumber Party

Dream Boat: Sumo devotes himself to the Sisyphean task of building a boat, defying the expectations of everyone in his life, including himself. / Slumber Party: Clarence struggles to make a connection at an all-girls slumber party, leaving Sumo and Jeff at odds without Clarence as their "friendship buffer."


Episode 9 - Game Show / Skater Sumo

Game Show: While shopping with his Mom, Clarence discovers Breehn hiding in a clothes rack. Under the guise of trying on new clothes for their moms, they sneak out to find a local gameshow being hosted inside the Aberdale Mall. / Skater Sumo: As Sumo and Clarence are playing outside, Chelsea and Rita skate by on their new skateboards. Enthralled, Sumo decides to build his own and join their skating team, while Clarence seems to have other ideas.


Episode 9 - Gilben's Different / Cool Guy Clarence

Gilben's Different: Gilben's newly sprouted peach fuzz sparks a discussion about puberty that ultimately convinces Clarence to act more like an adult. / Cool Guy Clarence: When Clarence meets JT, the kid who mows their lawn, he finds a fast friend who shows him some cool new music, a new outlook on life, and coolest of all - a sweet rat-tail! Clarence leans into the rat tail lifestyle, discovering a whole new side of Aberdale he never knew existed.


Episode 9 - Lil Buddy / Chalmers Santiago

After playing a bit too aggressively with his Lil Buddy doll, Clarence gets timeout and his worst nightmare comes true - he misses the entire recess! / While Clarence spends a lazy Saturday playing 8-bit adventure game DRAGON'S CUSP, Mary asks him to return some mail to the guy across the street "Chalmers Santiago," whom they've never seen. Clarence makes it his mission to befriend the mysterious neighbor, only to find out it's someone he knows quite well...


Episode 9 - Merry Moochmas

It's wintertime in Aberdale and Clarence is convinced his winter wish for snow in Arizona will come true! However, his classmate Belson along with his grumpy cousin Gary Mooch are a little tougher to convince.


Episode 10 - Nature Clarence / Average Jeff

Nature Clarence: Clarence, Sumo and Jeff's nature hike veers off course courtesy of their under qualified, overwhelmed guide Josh, prompting Clarence to take the lead. / Average Jeff: Jeff suffers an identity crisis when a standardized test lands him in the lesser of the classes academic groupings.


Episode 10 - Tuckered Boys / Water Park

Jeff is all set to go to bed so he can wake up for the early morning meteor shower when Clarence suggests the unthinkable: What if they stay up - all night long?! As the boys struggle to stay awake, their reality starts to slip away as sleep-deprivation induced hallucinations play tricks with their heads. / The trio heads to Squirty's Moist Mountain water park, and as Clarence learns the truth about his idol Squirty, Jeff and Sumo wait in line for the reopening of the parks tallest slide, The Curd Churner.


Episode 10 - Mystery Girl / The Substitute

Mystery Girl: After Clarence and pals call random numbers as a prank, Clarence ends up connecting with a girl and they strike up a friendship. But will this long distance phone pal last? / The Substitute: After Ms. Baker takes an unexpected personal day, she is replaced by a substitute that has a hard time handling the unruly classroom. Soon, the school day devolves into chaos and it is up to Clarence to get Mrs. Baker back to where she belongs, the classroom.


Episode 11 - Spooky Boo

After Clarence leads a few neighborhood kids through his homemade haunted house, Chelsea suggests they go to the high school kids haunted house for some real scares. When the gang makes a wrong turn they find themselves in a mysterious house on a hill full of creepy sounds, ghoulish shadows and mutant rat men!


Episode 11 - Lizard Day Afternoon / The Forgotten

Lizard Day Afternoon: Clarence and Sumo chase a lizard to unexpected rewards as Jeff jockeys for playing time on Belson's spectacular new gaming system. / The Forgotten: After Clarence and his indecisive classmate, Brady, are left behind at school, Brady is forced to tag along on Clarence's adventure home.


Episode 11 - Pizza Hero / Valentimes

Pizza Hero: It's the end of the school year, and as is tradition at Aberdale Elementary, Papa Marianio is slated to dish out his famous pizza along with a spectacle of song and dance. As the kids wait in excitement, they share memories about times with Papa. / Valentimes: When Clarence notices his teacher Ms. Baker is the only one in class left without a Valentine this year, he decides to enlist the help of Sumo to set her up with Sumo's teacher, Mr. Mozer! Will sparks fly or will the boy's na?ve view of romance backfire?


Episode 11 - Sneaky Peeky

After missing out on a chance to see the premiere of the new Robofrog movie trailer, the trio devises a plan to sneak into the theater and catch a glimpse before anyone else. However, when they accidentally damage the reel, they're forced to fix it or fess up!


Episode 12 - Where the Wild Chads Are / Breehn Ho!

Where the Wild Chads Are: Chad takes Clarence out to the woods for some grizzly-man camping, but Clarence is disappointed at the cushy set up; heaters, a hammock, even a portable TV. To make it a more rugged adventure, Clarence ditches Chad's wallet, cell phone, and all their food, but it may be too much wilderness for them to handle. / Breehn Ho!: Avast mateys! Clarence and Sumo are psyched to play their pirate-themed board game, Thirty Days and Seven Seas, until they learn Jeff has invited boring old Breehn along. After Breehn gets frustrated and leaves, it's up to the three scallywags to rescue Breehn from an intense flood.


Episode 12 - Neighborhood Grill / Belson's Sleepover

Neighborhood Grill: Clarence is so troubled by the sight of his teacher in a social setting outside of school, he can't stop himself from intruding on her doomed blind date. / Belson's Sleepover: Belson invites Clarence and friends to a sleepover party with a catch: whoever can survive the night's pranks and scares will win Belson's old Acedia game system!


Episode 13 - The Big Petey Pizza Party / The Break Up

The Big Petey Pizza Problem: Jeff has everything in place for his birthday at Papa Petey's Pins and Pies, but Gilben is also having his party there, stealing Jeff's thunder. Jeff gets even more upset when the kids suggest they merge their parities for a double birthday. Can Jeff learn to roll with the punches and share his special day? / The Breakup: A silly argument between Jeff and Sumo escalates until they vow never to speak to each other again. At first Clarence enjoys the separation, now he's always got someone to play with, but eventually he becomes exhausted and must hatch a scheme to get the guys to be friends again.


Episode 13 - Too Gross for Comfort / Pilot Expansion

Too Gross for Comfort: Clarence's innocent attempt to ingratiate Chelsea, a girl, into a boys only tree fort puts Sumo in charge of an effort to gross Chelsea out and preserve the status quo. / Pilot Expansion: Clarence, Sumo, and Jeff reminisce about the day they first met - although a few details are foggy.


Episode 14 - In Dreams / Balance

In Dreams: While watching a TV show about dreams, Clarence dozes off and enters the whimsical dreamscape that hovers above Aberdale. Here Clarence can see other people's dreams, experiencing the subconscious of all his friends and neighbors. But when things turn nightmarish, Clarence must find a way to escape back to reality. / Balance: Ms. Baker introduces a new student, a short little kid with a hook for a hand named Balance. Clarence is pumped to have a new friend, despite Balance's gruff attitude and snarky jibes at the other kids. When Clarence discovers a disturbing secret about Balance, he and Belson team up to expose him for who he truly is...


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