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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Breaking the Ice

While searching a once unreachable part of the Creek, Craig gets stranded with his longtime rival, Wildernessa!


Episode 1 - The Other Side: The Tournament

The Tournament - Hoping to win a special prize for his Dad’s birthday, Craig and his friends compete in a tournament on the Other Side of the Creek!


Episode 1 - Creek Daycare

Craig and his sister, Jessica, try their hand at running the daycare at the Creek.


Episode 1 - Itch to Explore

Craig's quest to map the entire Creek takes him and his friends into the treacherous Poison Ivy Grove.


Episode 1 - Locked Out Cold

On the eve of a big holiday party, the Williams kids are locked out of the house, leading to a frantic search all over town for a spare key.


Episode 2 - Winter Creeklympics

Craig, Kelsey and JP try their luck at winning Gold in their first ever, Winter Creeklympics!


Episode 2 - You're It

A vicious game of tag wreaks havoc on the Creek, claiming Kelsey as the next it.


Episode 2 - Sugar Smugglers

Craig, Kelsey and JP become smugglers to sneak candy to kids in need.


Episode 2 - The Ground Is Lava!

When an intense game of “The Ground is Lava” breaks out, Craig must carefully traverse the Creek to save his sister.


Episode 2 - Beyond the Overpass

The Capture the Flag war is over. Craig returns to the Creek, hoping to get some recognition for his heroic deeds, but finds a new quest instead.


Episode 3 - Sleepover at JP's

JP invites his friends over for a sleepover, but it happens to be on the night of a huge game of Flashlight Tag in the Creek!


Episode 3 - Sink or Swim Team

Craig offers to help the Sewer Queen by going undercover as a member of the swim team.


Episode 3 - Welcome to Creek Street

Craig and his friends create their own neighborhood in the snow!


Episode 3 - Jessica Goes to the Creek

When Craig and Jessica are locked out of the house, Craig has no choice but to bring his little sister to the Creek.


Episode 3 - The Council of the Creek: Operation Hive-Mind

Hive Mind - When bees take over the Trading Tree, Craig must assemble the Council of the Creek to avert disaster.


Episode 4 - Tea Timers' Ball

The Tea Timers throw a dance and invite everyone in the Creek. Craig believes it’s solely to prank him, while Kelsey deals with an unwanted admirer.


Episode 4 - Fan or Foe

When Elder Con comes to the Creek, Craig, Kelsey, and JP each have a con experience they'll never forget.


Episode 4 - The Quick Name

Craig tries to rid himself of a bad nickname.


Episode 4 - The Bike Thief

Craig investigates the theft of the 10 Speed’s bikes in hopes of finding the culprit!


Episode 4 - The Final Book

The last book of Kelsey's favorite fantasy series goes missing from the library, so Craig decides to help her solve the mystery of who took it.


Episode 5 - Chef's Challenge

Craig and his friends find themselves entering a cooking battle for a piece of the cube.


Episode 5 - The New Jersey

After donning a brand new Jersey, JP is recruited by the Hockey Kids! The only way to get JP back is for Craig and Kelsey to hit the ice!


Episode 5 - Too Many Treasures

Hoping to fix their fort, Craig enlists the 10 Speeds to give them a ride to the legendary Junk Pile.


Episode 5 - The Cardboard Identity

Craig and his friends stumble upon a mysterious bunker made of cardboard beneath the Creek.


Episode 5 - Craig of the Beach

Craig gets to hit the beach with his friends and family, but starts to get worried his Dad is more fun than him.


Episode 6 - Wildernessa

An encounter with Wildernessa, guardian of the wilderness, inspires Kelsey to take up a cause.


Episode 6 - The Sunflower

Our Trio makes a new friend in the Creek, but when her pet befalls a tragic fate, Kelsey believes she knows how to help.


Episode 6 - Plush Kingdom

Craig, Kelsey, JP and Jessica discover a group of plushie obsessed kids, deep within the creek.


Episode 6 - The Sparkle Solution

When Craig is having trouble with some math homework, Sparkle Cadet comes to the rescue.


Episode 6 - Ancients of the Creek

Craig, Kelsey and JP discover an ancient fort that belonged to the first kids in the Creek.


Episode 7 - The Ice Pop Trio

Craig sets out in search of Ice Pops on a hot day with the help of an unlikely duo.


Episode 7 - Craig World

Craig creates an amusement park in the Creek! But when things start to get stale, he vows to make it bigger and better, no matter what it takes!


Episode 7 - Sunday Clothes

JP dirties his last clean clothes and he must wear his Sunday best to the creek.


Episode 7 - Mortimor to the Rescue

When Craig, Kelsey and JP get stranded in murky water, it’s up to Mortimor to save the day!


Episode 7 - Better Than You

The Squashinator challenges Craig to a battle he can’t refuse.


Episode 8 - Escape from Family Dinner

There's a huge water balloon fight at the creek but Craig is stuck at home for a family dinner, unless he can escape.


Episode 8 - The Dream Team

Craig and his cousin, Bryson, join forces for an action packed weekend at their grandparents house.


Episode 8 - Secret in a Bottle

Craig needs to get a secret off his chest, so he pays a visit to the Keeper of Secrets in the Creek.


Episode 8 - Body Swap

Fed up with their home experiences, Craig, Kelsey and JP agree to switch bodies!


Episode 8 - Pencil Break Mania

When Pencil Break Mania hits the Creek, JP finds himself as an unlikely champion and is forced to defend his title against the very best!


Episode 9 - Monster in the Garden

Craig is determined to catch the monster that has been wreaking havoc in Granddad's garden.


Episode 9 - Copycat Carter

Craig and his friends stumble upon Carter, the cardboard genius turned cyborg, and Craig decides to help Carter become a kid again, just like him!


Episode 9 - Trading Day

After Craig accidentally destroys a shipment of rare Chocorolls at the Trading Tree, Kit makes him work off his debt by running her trades throughout the Creek!


Episode 9 - Fire & Ice

Kelsey and Stacks write a story for book club, which turns out to be more personal than Kelsey realized.


Episode 9 - The Last Game of Summer

It’s the last day of summer, and the last chance for Craig to uncover an ancient treasure beneath the Creek.


Episode 10 - The Curse

Craig, Kelsey and JP run afoul of some no-good teenage witches and are cursed! Lousy teenagers!


Episode 10 - Chrono Moss

Craig and his friends come upon a mysterious Moss Village, which could aid them in their quest for the Heart of the Forest.


Episode 10 - Trick or Creek

It’s Halloween at the Creek, and Craig is on a mission to collect as much candy as humanly possible, but a spooky ghoul from the Creek’s past threatens his haul.


Episode 10 - Crisis at Elder Rock

Tragedy strikes the Creek when the Elders get trapped under Elder Rock, and it’s up to Craig, Kelsey and JP to rescue them.


Episode 10 - Brother Builder

As Craig races against time to build a super important invention, we learn how Craig became such a clever inventor!


Episode 11 - Dog Decider

Unable to make tough decisions, Craig decides to put his choices in the hands of a dog named Fred.


Episode 11 - Dodgy Decisions

Friends and rivals are pitted against each other in a dangerous game of dodgeball.


Episode 11 - Kelsey The Worthy

When Kelsey demolishes a wall at Craig’s house, her father takes away her sword. So she enlists Craig and JP to help prove to her father that she’s still worthy.


Episode 11 - Fall Anthology

In an attempt to finish a school project, Craig remembers some of his favorite Fall moments.


Episode 11 - Jessica the Intern

Entranced with the Trading Tree and Kit’s business acumen, Jessica joins Kit as her intern!


Episode 12 - In Search of Lore

Craig searches for more clues to aid his quest for the Heart of the Forest.


Episode 12 - The End Was Here

Craig tries to figure out how an ancient war that decimated the Creek began in hopes of stopping history from repeating itself.


Episode 12 - Afterschool Snackdown

Craig enters a food competition in the Creek but worries he may be out of his league.


Episode 12 - The Legend of the Library

When the library is thrown into disarray, an ancient ghost is awoken.


Episode 12 - Bring Out Your Beast

Craig wants to play a popular card game, so he decides to borrow Bernard's vintage and valuable cards.


Episode 13 - Lost in the Sewer

Craig agrees to help The Sewer Queen map the sewers, but he quickly finds himself in over his head.


Episode 13 - Creature Feature

Craig finds himself being chased by a monster in the Creek that’s straight out of the movies!


Episode 13 - Capture the Flag Part I: The Candy

When mysterious circumstances cause issues at the Trading Tree, Craig tries to save the day!


Episode 13 - Creek Talent Extravaganza

Hoping to help the Creek Daycare, Craig organizes a talent show.


Episode 13 - In the Key of the Creek

When a rainy day keeps Craig inside, he uses his toys and imagination to create his own Creek adventure in Craig of the Creek’s first musical episode!


Episode 14 - The Children of the Dog

Craig has tried to convince his family to get a dog for years but has never been successful, but he may have a chance if he follows the guidance of a charismatic creek kid and her three step program.


Episode 14 - Capture the Flag Part II: The King

The Creek gets help from an unlikely friend.


Episode 14 - The Future Is Cardboard

The kids meet an eccentric Cardboard Creator that invites Craig to help finish his masterpiece.


Episode 14 - King of Camping

The Williams Family goes camping and Craig helps his dad prove he’s the King of Camping.


Episode 14 - Opposite Day

Opposite day turns out to be the opposite of what nobody didn't think it wouldn't be.


Episode 15 - The Rise and Fall of the Green Poncho

Craig tries to warn his friends about the Other Side of the Creek with a tale from the Creek’s defender - the Green Poncho.


Episode 15 - Capture the Flag Part III: The Legend

Craig goes in search of answers, and finds a legend.


Episode 15 - The Brood

Craig's determination to get his granddad a cicada shell causes him, Kelsey and JP to become trapped in their stump


Episode 15 - Jessica Shorts

Spend some time with Craig’s little sister, Jessica, as she trains to be the best video game fighter, deals with a loose tooth, puts on her own TV show, saves a sword and takes family game night too far.


Episode 15 - The Anniversary Box

Craig is entrusted with a special anniversary gift for his mom, and immediately loses it in the creek.


Episode 16 - Under the Overpass

Craig and his friends travel to find honeysuckle in the creek but discover a whole new part of the creek.


Episode 16 - Capture the Flag Part IV: The Plan

Craig puts a plan into motion to save the Creek.


Episode 16 - I Don't Need a Hat

Craig decides to ditch his hat on a chilly day and it becomes a battle for body heat.


Episode 16 - Adventures in Baby Casino

Craig goes all in at the Baby Casino.


Episode 17 - Hyde & Zeke

Craig and his friends are challenged to find the greatest hider that Hide and Seek has ever known.


Episode 17 - Into the Overpast

Craig and The Green Poncho travel to the Other Side of the Creek where Craig learns Green Poncho’s shocking origin story.


Episode 17 - The Invitation

Craig and his friends are invited to an exclusive tea party with delicious desserts, if they can last to the end of the party...


Episode 17 - Capture the Flag Part V the Game

It all comes down to this, the fate of the Creek is at stake!


Episode 17 - Alternate Creekiverse

Craig, Kelsey and JP imagine a disturbing alternate reality where they never became friends!


Episode 18 - Vulture's Nest

Craig and his friends start a band, but Craig is haunted by a frightening nightmare.


Episode 18 - The Time Capsule

Worried he’ll one day forget all his favorite memories, Craig creates a time capsule to remember them all.


Episode 18 - Grandma Smugglers

Craig helps Raj sneak his grandmother away to the Creek.


Episode 18 - Snow Day

Craig and his friends desperately want a Snow Day, so they turn to the most powerful people they know... The Witches of the Creek!


Episode 19 - Beyond the Rapids

Resident creek scientist Wren enlists Craig to voyage through dangerous waters in search of a path to the Ocean.


Episode 19 - Kelsey Quest

Kelsey accepts a quest from the Elders of the Creek, but is she ready for her terrifying opponent?


Episode 19 - Lost & Found

When the library is thrown into disarray, an ancient ghost is awoken.


Episode 19 - Winter Break

Craig returns to the Creek after the long Winter Break only to find an empty wasteland and danger lurking in the snow.


Episode 20 - Snow Place Like Home

While taking refuge from the chilly Creek, Craig and his friends decide to hangout at his house until lunch time!


Episode 20 - JPony

JP decides to follow his heart and tries to join the Horse Girls.


Episode 20 - The Jinxening

Craig, Kelsey and JP help a kid who’s been jinxed and can’t talk, but they soon come to regret it.



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