Dirty Mudder Truckers

Dirty Mudder Truckers Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - New Heights

The Dirty 7 are back with upgraded trucks and even a few new ones as they prepare for an epic rematch against Team Georgia -- the only team to ever beat them in the Pit.


Episode 2 - Florida Fights

The Dirty 7 have their hands full when South Florida's Dirty Deeds come to the Pit to prove they're the kings of Florida's mud. One unlucky racer loses a door off their truck, while Wes Jr puts $5,000 on the line.


Episode 3 - Head on a Spike

The Dirty 7 faces off with Adrenaline Rush, a team of MegaTruck All Stars. An intense crash leads to medics stepping in, and Spiker raises the stakes to double or nothing.


Episode 4 - Wreck and Roll

The Dirty 7 keeps on rolling as the Mega Misfits come to town. The "Suicide J" turn at the Pit has been piling up victims and this time there are more wrecks than the Dirt 7 can afford.


Episode 5 - Stuck in the Mud

New England's Team Wicked North bring their accents and killer trucks to the Pit to face the Dirty 7. Randy watches his season crumble before his very eyes, and a race that ends in a tie might change everything.


Episode 6 - Diesel Brother Showdown

The Dirty 7 gear up for war as Heavy D and Team Diesel Brothers come to town. The Diesel Brothers' super team of MegaTrucks and fierce racers are like nothing the Dirty 7 have ever competed against before.



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