Dirty Mudder Truckers

Dirty Mudder Truckers Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - 7 Deadly Sins

After last season’s loss to the Diesel Brothers, it doesn’t get any easier for the Dirty 7 in their season opener. The Southern 7 pushes the guys all to the edge, and Pete faces his hardest race yet after wrecking his truck.


Episode 2 - Know Your Enemy

The Mud Invaders roll in to face off with the Dirty 7, and they aren’t going down without a fight. Chris Libak goes head to head with the truck of his own creation, and Spiker has trouble getting his truck to the starting line.


Episode 3 - Mudslinging Madness

The Minnesota Mudslingers come thundering into the Pit with fast trucks and a hunger to win. The Dirty 7 are caught off guard and struggle to keep up as Pete and Nick have truck troubles that may cost the guys the day.


Episode 4 - Trucking Mayhem

The Dirty 7 aren’t feeling confident when the Mudders of Mayhem challenge them to a race. Jimmy could lose to a kid half his age and Spiker makes a huge bet that may cost the team big time.


Episode 5 - Running with Rivals

Arch rivals the Dirty 7 and Team Georgia face off to see who truly is the best Mega Truck racing team in the land. But tensions quickly rise when the season's frustrations begin to boil over.


Episode 6 - Messing with Texas

Everyone is on edge for the last race of the season, and huge issues because of tropical storm Nestor might create a terrible season end for the Dirty 7.



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