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Get Rolling With Otis Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Jumping Daisy / Polly and the Skunk

Otis helps Daisy the calf get ready for the big jumping competition. Polly the pup gets sprayed by a skunk.


Episode 2 - Rusty’s Chance to Dance / The Bull Next Door

Otis and Rusty throw a dance party. When Charles the bull loses his first-prize ribbon, everyone joins in to track it down.


Episode 3 - Otis and the Kittens / Putt Puff Puttedy Pup

Otis rescues Mama Cat and her kittens. Can Otis guide Polly back home in the dark?


Episode 4 - A New Truck in Town / The Sheep Who Couldn’t Sleep

Kevin, a new pickup truck, causes a stir his first day on the farm. Louie the sheep can’t sleep.


Episode 5 - Tune-Up Trouble / Celeste’s Song

Kevin is worried about his first Tune-Up Day. Celeste the pig wants a quiet place to make up a new song.


Episode 6 - Otis Brings the Sheep Back / Daisy’s High High Jump

Bringing the sheep back to the pen is harder than it looks. Daisy is ready to make her highest jump ever!


Episode 7 - Celeste’s Pumpkin Problem / Quest to Save the Nest

The Biggest Pumpkin Contest is here, but Celeste’s pumpkin is at the top of a hill. Mama Bird needs a safe place for her nest.


Episode 8 - The Thankful Parade / Hay Day Hay Maze

Otis and his friends celebrate the things they’re thankful for. Kevin, Elaine, and Sal explore a hay maze.


Episode 9 - A Winter’s Cow Tale

It’s Christmas Day and Rosalie is due to have her baby. Daisy wants to decorate the tree before her new sibling arrives.



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