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Get Rolling With Otis Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Sal Says / New Kids on the Farm

Otis and Sal lead the chicks through a playful game. Goats Romie and Ralphie have trouble adjusting to their new home.


Episode 2 - The Sneaky Snacker / Celeste’s Barrel Adventure

Sal and Otis search for answers when the chicken feed keeps disappearing. Otis and Daisy surprise Celeste by making changes to her barrel.


Episode 3 - A Picture for Louie / Otis Gets a Flat

Otis tries to organize a group photo. The friends leap into action when Otis needs help during Farm Field Day.


Episode 4 - A Storm on the Farm / Daisy’s Sick Day

Otis works to keep everyone safe during a storm. Sal and Otis try to cheer up Daisy when she feels sick.


Episode 5 - Piggie Problems / Upsy Daisy

Louie accidentally lets the pigs out. Daisy discovers her fear of heights during a dance party.


Episode 6 - Camp Chirp / The Hot Hot Day

Sal and Otis lead a day camp for the baby birds. Otis, Sal, and Charles build the biggest slide ever.


Episode 7 - A Whole Lot of Holes / Hide and Go Frisky

Otis is determined to find out who is digging holes on the farm. Frisky goes missing while playing a game.


Episode 8 - The Super Snowy Sleigh Ride / Elaine’s Big Delivery

The farm friends get creative when their snow day plans fall apart. Otis helps Elaine fix a delivery mistake.


Episode 9 - Holly and the Hat / Otis Needs a Rest

After finding the scarecrow’s hat, Holly sets out to return it. Otis learns a lesson about self-care.



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