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Good Trouble Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Capoeira

With Jerod’s case on the line, Callie takes a job with a high profile defense lawyer; after sleeping with Evan, Mariana has to make a decision regarding her relationship with Raj; Malika’s future is on the line with her impending trial.


Episode 2 - Arraignment Day

After passing the bar, Callie deals with the challenges of being a lawyer; Mariana's app becomes popular with the wrong crowd; the Coterie members join BLM in taking a stand to free Malika.


Episode 3 - Whoosh, Pow, Bang

Callie discovers there's more to Jerod's case than she had anticipated; Mariana and the girls come up with an app; Davia finds a way to help her students; Gael takes a job with a renowned artist; Alice struggles within the comedy program.


Episode 4 - Klompendansen

The Fosters and the Hunters get together for a Dutch themed goodbye party for Brandon and Eliza; Callie has an awkward encounter with Jamie; Mariana struggles to tell the moms the truth.


Episode 5 - Because, Men

Callie questions Kathleen's methods regarding Jerod's case; Mariana and the girls pitch their new app idea; Malika learns a surprising fact about Dyonte; Davia deals with her feelings towards Dennis; Gael struggles with his boss's demands.


Episode 6 - Help

Callie learns a secret about Kathleen; Mariana tries to hide her relationship with Evan; Malika comes to a realization about her mother; Alice thrives within the comedy program -- but at what cost?


Episode 7 - New Moon

A surprise intruder interrupts Malika's New Moon ceremony wreaking havoc and disrupting relationships; Callie and Gael bond, Mariana confronts Raj, Malika explores new feelings, Davia gets closer to Matt and Alice questions a relationship.


Episode 8 - Trust

Callie and the team take on a murder case; Mariana and the FCG struggle with their pitch; Malika reveals her feelings towards Dyonte; Davia comes to a realization about Matt; Gael struggles with an assignment; Alice tries to take control.


Episode 9 - Driver's Seat

Callie juggles the murder case and her feelings towards Gael; Mariana helps Alice take control of her life; Davia struggles with her feelings towards Dennis and Matt; Gael faces an ethical dilemma regarding his boss.


Episode 10 - She's Back

Callie questions whether to help Kathleen after she's been arrested by the FBI; Mariana comes clean about her relationship with Evan; Malika makes a decision about her relationship with Isaac and Dyonte; Davia gets a win at her school.


Episode 11 - Knocked Down

Callie and Gael decide to give their relationship a shot meanwhile Malika is blindsided by Isaac's news. Alice returns to the comedy program thanks to help from an unexpected source, and Dennis' return has Davia questioning everything.


Episode 12 - Shame

Callie wonders if allowing Mariana to work for Kathleen was the right decision; Gael reveals some big news to everyone. Malika opens up about Isaac, meanwhile Alice and the CBTV comedians are surprised by a familiar face.


Episode 13 - Making a Metamour

Callie and Mariana work together to figure out what really happened the night of Zack's death; Malika pumps the brakes on her relationship with Dyonte; Gael learns that his relationship with Yuri is not what it seems.


Episode 14 - Picks and Strikes

Callie and Mariana team up to find the right candidates for Tommy's trial. Dennis ventures into a new business; Gael and Isabella realize co-parenting is not as easy as they thought it would be; Alice decides to take the reins.


Episode 15 - Lunar New Year

Alice hosts a Lunar New Year celebration at the Coterie; Callie and Gael address their communication issues; Malika and Tanya forge a new relationship; Davia struggles with her feelings for Matt and Dennis.


Episode 16 - Opening Statements

As Tommy's trial begins, Callie sees Jamie in a new light. After running into some old colleagues, Mariana wonders if she can ever make amends. Malika must learn to establish boundaries, meanwhile Alice and Ruby's relationship is revealed.


Episode 17 - Anticipation

Callie receives an anonymous tip during the trial. Mariana lands a big client at work. Malika explores new feelings towards a co-worker. Davia's physique has her slipping back into old habits, and Gael introduces Isabella to his family.


Episode 18 - Blindside

Callie and Gael struggle to make time for each other; Mariana tries to redeem herself with the Fight Club Girls. Malika realizes there are other ways to help people facing incarceration injustices.


Episode 19 - Closing Arguments

Callie questions her choices, Mariana interviews for a new job. Malika considers an offer away from DPN. Gael is forced to put his priorities into perspective and Alice must make a tough decision.


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