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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Pilot

Jim Gordon, a cop destined for greatness, navigates a dangerously corrupt city teetering between good and evil. Gotham chronicles the birth of one of the most popular superheroes of our time.


Episode 2 - Selina Kyle

Detectives Gordon and Bullock investigate a child trafficking ring preying on Gotham’s street kids, including Selina Kyle. Meanwhile, Penguin resurfaces in the countryside and makes his way back to Gotham, leaving victims in his wake.


Episode 3 - The Balloonman

Detectives Gordon and Bullock track down a vigilante killing corrupt Gotham citizens by attaching them to weather balloons. Meanwhile, Oswald Cobblepot returns to Gotham and gets a new job close to an important figure in the underworld.


Episode 4 - Arkham

As a contentious City Council vote on the future of the Arkham District approaches, politicians on both sides are in danger. Gordon and Bullock must race to protect the Council. Meanwhile, an old friend visits Gordon.


Episode 5 - Viper

While Gordon and Bullock search for the source of a new street drug storming the streets of Gotham, Oswald Cobblepot works his way deeper into Maroni's inner circle.


Episode 6 - Spirit of the Goat

When a killer begins targeting the first born of Gotham’s elite, Bullock is forced to confront traumatic memories from a nearly identical case he worked in the past. Later, Gordon is haunted by his own past decisions.


Episode 7 - Penguin's Umbrella

As violence between Maroni and Falcone escalates, Penguin reveals a new element of his manipulative strategy, forcing Gordon to deal with the consequences of his earlier decision.


Episode 8 - The Mask

When a Gothamite is found beaten to death, Gordon and Bullock are intrigued by the motive and take on the case. Meanwhile, Bruce returns to school and has trouble making friends.


Episode 9 - Harvey Dent

Trying to close the Wayne murder case, a young Harvey Dent encourages Gordon to team up with Mayor James. Meanwhile, Penguin makes contact with Mooney's secret weapon, Liza.


Episode 10 - Lovecraft

Selina leads a new friend on a perilous journey through Gotham to evade the assassins on her trail. Gordon is reassigned to duty at Arkham Asylum following a misstep.


Episode 11 - Rogues' Gallery

Detective Gordon’s assignment at Arkham Asylum gets off to a rocky start when the murder of a guard ignites an investigation, leading him to meet Dr. Leslie Tompkins. Meanwhile, Oswald Cobblepot continues to build his army.


Episode 12 - What the Little Bird Told Him

Gordon hunts Jack Gruber, a deranged Arkham escapee and electrical genius. Falcone struggles to keep his empire after Fish Mooney makes her next move.


Episode 13 - Welcome Back, Jim Gordon

When a key witness in a homicide ends up dead in police custody, Gordon suspects it was an inside job. Penguin takes control of one of Fish Mooney’s prized possessions as she gets a small taste of her own medicine.


Episode 14 - Fearsome Dr. Crane

Fish Mooney reveals a secret of Oswald Cobblepot’s, prompting Maroni to take him on a trip to test his loyalty. Meanwhile, Gordon and Bullock hunt down a killer who targets victims with severe phobias.


Episode 15 - The Scarecrow

Gordon and Bullock set out to stop Dr. Crane, a biology teacher who has been harvesting the glands of his murder victims. Later, after finding herself in a strange setting, Mooney keeps plotting, and Falcone tries to change Maroni’s plan for the Penguin.


Episode 16 - The Blind Fortune Teller

Gordon takes Dr. Leslie Thompkins to the circus, but the circus comes under attack. Falcone enlists Butch Gilzean to help Penguin with the nightclub while Fish Mooney is preoccupied. Later, Bruce Wayne schedules a meeting with the Wayne Enterprises board.


Episode 17 - The Red Hood

Gordon and Bullock investigate the Red Hood gang after several robberies. Selina Kyle continues to bond with Barbara, and Fish Mooney tries to reclaim her position in the underworld.


Episode 18 - Everyone Has a Cobble Pot

While Gordon seeks information about the recent controversy with Commissioner Loeb, Fish’s allegiance with the prisoners is questioned when she appears to join forces with Dr. Dulmacher. Bruce deals with the aftermath of an attack close to home.


Episode 19 - Beasts of Prey

Gordon and Bullock investigate a cold case involving the Ogre, a serial killer who targets young women in Gotham City. Meanwhile, Fish plots her escape from the Dollmaker, and Bruce and Selina confront Reggie.


Episode 20 - Under the Knife

While Gordon and Bullock continue to investigate the Ogre, Bruce and Selina team up to expose corruption in Wayne Enterprises and Nygma comes to Ms. Kingle's defense.


Episode 21 - The Anvil or Hammer

The Ogre breaks down Barbara’s emotions, as Gordon and Bullock go to great lengths to track him down. Penguin leads a massacre, beginning an epic war, while Bruce learns the truth about Wayne Enterprises. Nygma deals with his recent actions.


Episode 22 - All Happy Families Are Alike

As Gotham City’s gang war reaches its boiling point, Fish Mooney goes head-to-head with Maroni and Penguin to re-stake her claim on the city. Barbara and Leslie Thompkins are brought together, and Bruce searches Wayne Manor for hints from his father.


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