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Harriet the Spy Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - General Mouthwashington

When Harriet loses her last—and favorite—baby tooth, she struggles with saying goodbye to her babyhood.


Episode 2 - It’s My Party and I’ll Spy If I Want To

The Welsch family attends a neighborhood party where Harriet is determined to find out why the Robinsons are so boring.


Episode 3 - World of Tomorrow

At the world’s fair, Harriet meets a 14-year-old photographer who’s unsure of his future—but shows Harriet how to cherish today.


Episode 4 - Lucky Penny

Sport joins Harriet for a local scavenger hunt. But when he brings his good-luck charm to improve their chances, Harriet is skeptical.


Episode 5 - Ole Golly in Love

While Harriet’s parents are out, she and Ole Golly join Mr. Waldenstein for a movie date. But can they get home before Harriet’s parents do?


Episode 6 - The Walrus and the Carpenter

When Ole Golly announces she and Mr. Waldenstein are getting married and moving to Montreal, Harriet tries to change her mind.


Episode 7 - The Age of Harriet

Harriet’s dream of creating a post–Ole Golly life is shattered when her notebook falls into the hands of her nemesis: Marion.


Episode 8 - Everyone Hates Me

The fallout from her private thoughts becoming public leaves Harriet fighting to repair her friendships—and for the return of her notebook.


Episode 9 - I Am the Onion

With the notebook causing quite a stir, Harriet hopes a backyard trial of her peers will prove her innocence.


Episode 10 - Harriet the Writer

After Harriet makes an unexpected discovery, she comes up with a plan to right her wrongs.



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