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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Goderich Gaol

We descend on the idyllic town of Goderich, Ontario and explore the Huron Historic Gaol, the site of the last public hanging in Canada. The Gaol takes a swing at Jim and Richard discovers that his new assistant has familiar undertones, with just as much lovable charm as always.


Episode 2 - Hamilton Scottish Rite

We dive into one of the creepiest locations yet in Hamilton, Ontario. The Towers Building, home to one of the most renowned secret societies. It's also one of the most terrifying experiences to date, especially for the women of our cast and crew.


Episode 3 - Fort Maiden

Richard, Jim and Brie are in the tiny rural town of Amherstberg, Ontario to discover a historic location at the heart of Canada's past, and this one holds many secrets to be unlocked by Jim. Having been both a location of major historic significance and an Asylum this fort on the Detroit River does not disappoint.


Episode 4 - HMCS Haida, Hamilton

On this episode of Knock Knock Ghost, we head up the of HMCS Haida, docked in Hamilton Ontario. Known as the Fightingest Ship in the Royal Canadian Navy she provides one scary night for the team.


Episode 5 - L'Orignal Jail, L'Orignal

The team have a very creepy night in Ontario's oldest jail, as Richard, Brie and Jim are stalked by a number of prisoners who refuse to leave.  Slamming doors and camera malfunctions plague this episode of KKG.


Episode 6 - Old Fort Erie

At historic Old Fort Erie, Jim finds hundreds of troubled souls left behind in the wake of Canada's bloodiest battle.  Richard and Brie do a little exploring by themselves and it goes exactly as you'd expect, hilariously!



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