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Kung Fu Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Shifu

The Shens are the latest victims of a crime wave.


Episode 2 - Risk

Someone from Nicky's past shows up, Jin takes on the Chinatown Council, while Evan and Althea investigate the city's rise in crime. Plus, Henry finds his father's former ally.


Episode 3 - The Compass

Nicky travels to Thailand to help Henry, Jin and Althea help Mei-Li reorganize Harmony Dumplings, and Ryan gets relationship advice.


Episode 4 - Harmony

The Shen's receive a mysterious threat on the eve of Harmony Dumplings' reopening. Elsewhere, Jin faces a new challenge and Ryan tries to find Sebastian the perfect gift.


Episode 5 - Harvest

Nicky puts things with Bo on the back burner to help Pei-Ling, Sebastian is concerned about corporate’s oversight on the restaurant, and Althea and Evan help Jin.


Episode 6 - Rescue

Some disturbing information is learned about Xiao, Althea and Dennis help his sister, and Mei-Li is forced to make an impossible decision.


Episode 7 - Villians

After her latest mission unearths some startling information about Xiao, Nicky and the team devise a plan to deal with her once and for all.


Episode 8 - Betrayal

Nicky stumbles upon a devastating secret. Elsewhere, Mei-Li gets creative at the restaurant, and Bo faces demons from his past.


Episode 9 - The Architect

After a campaign ad targets the Shen family, Mei-Li takes matters into her own hands. Elsewhere, Delta Security’s influence over the city becomes apparent.


Episode 10 - Alias

With her world crashing down around her, Nicky is forced to reevaluate her recent actions to move forward. Althea goes undercover and Henry and Zhilan follow a lead on Xiao.


Episode 11 - The Scepter

Nicky confronts Bo for information on Xiao, Mei-Li clashes with Carrie, and Jin makes a surprising decision.


Episode 12 - Loss

Henry finds himself on a collision course with Xiao, whose latest plan results in devastating consequences for Nicky and her family.


Episode 13 - Beginning

After uncovering Xiao’s master plan, Nicky and the team find themselves in a race against the clock to stop her before it’s too late.



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