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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Boredom Blues

There have been no recent alien attacks in more than two weeks and Brains is bored.


Episode 2 - Puppy Love

Fred, a 13-year-old boy, and his robot, Friday, help secret agent Briana Brains with her mission.


Episode 3 - Unready to Rumble

Wally's bullying moves Fred to challenge him to a fight.


Episode 4 - Mom Bot

Fred's parents are out of town and Friday has to pretend to be Fred's mom to secure the party.


Episode 5 - Agent Alpha One

Agent Brains is captured, leaving Fred and Friday to rescue her and protect the city.


Episode 6 - Science Unfair

Fred is on a mission to stop his star cruiser from colliding with a comet.


Episode 7 - Fred's Close Shave

Both Fred and Braianna grow beards and both of them get shaves from Friday.


Episode 8 - Girlfriends Are a Girl's Best Friend

All of the girls from school become obsessed with a book.


Episode 9 - The Red Button

Agent Brains is out for a meeting and leaves Fred alone, telling him not to touch the red button.


Episode 10 - Crushing Friday

Fred turns Friday into a fighting bot and joins a tournament on live television.


Episode 11 - Fake Robot Parents

Mort grows suspicion of Braianna and her fake folks, uncovering that her parents are robots.


Episode 12 - Weather Boy

Fred comes up with an idea to get rid of the rain and control the weather.


Episode 13 - You've Got Fe-mail

Sir Percival accidentally sends Fred's love letters to Nora; Brains and Friday are on hand to help.


Episode 14 - Brain's Math Problem

Brains' alter ego Braianna has a reputation as a clumsy C student.


Episode 15 - Basket Bunny

Fred makes a deal with the captain of the basketball team so they will accept Braianna as a player.


Episode 16 - Bottle Racquet

Fred orders Friday to find bottles so that he can create his own island.


Episode 17 - The Day the Boys Stood Still

Braianna doesn't understand Fred's new passion for monster trucks on mud.


Episode 18 - Mouse Trap

Fred and Sir Percival play pranks on each other.


Episode 19 - King of the Sewer Bears

Fred's football falls into the sewer hole and Friday tries to help him recover it.


Episode 20 - Smelly Princess

Agent Brains must protect a princess from a distant planet who does not smell good.


Episode 21 - The Dung Beetle

An alien cat is on the loose, endangering pets' lives.


Episode 22 - The Ride of Their Lives

Fred and Sir Percival are desperate to go to the amusement park because there is a new attraction.


Episode 23 - Return of the Dirt Demons

Fred decides to make a monster movie to impress his crush Nora.


Episode 24 - The New Fred

Fred inadvertently offends his beloved Nora and thinks Friday should speak for him.


Episode 25 - Coach Dad

To spend more time with his son, Fred's dad becomes the substitute teacher for gym class.


Episode 26 - The Thing That Slept Over

Fred suggests that Braianna should throw a slumber party to lure an escaped alien.


Episode 27 - Eggface Revenge

Someone makes a surprise visit to Earth.


Episode 28 - Surprise Day Off

The students have an unexpected day off when all the teachers go missing.


Episode 29 - San Juan Night

Fred meets Nora on the beach for a date, but things do not go as planned.


Episode 30 - Braianna Bot

Friday turns into Braianna for the day when she has to fight an alien far away.


Episode 31 - Friday Gets Recalled

When a sophisticated new robot arrives, Fred tries to convince Brains not to destroy Friday.


Episode 32 - Fred's Game

Fred tries his best to get the upper hand on the school bully.


Episode 33 - Books and Roses

Braianna's fake parents are going crazy looking for books and flowers as presents for each other.


Episode 34 - The Short Report

Someone starts spreading stories at school and people are not happy.


Episode 35 - Fred Gets Crushed

Fred manages to get a super secret spy helmet.


Episode 36 - Dusty Rides Again

A friend of Friday's, who is similar to himself, causes havoc and Fred is not happy about it.


Episode 37 - Mister Perfect

Fred wants to be perfect to impress Nora.


Episode 38 - Afternoon Off

Fred has to imitate Friday so that Brains won't get into trouble.


Episode 39 - Squirrel Scare

Braianna is terrified of squirrels, and when Fred finds out, he wants to help her.


Episode 40 - The Big Picture

There is a picture of Fred and Braianna with aliens.


Episode 41 - Unlucky Fred

After losing his lucky dice, everything seems to be going wrong for Fred.


Episode 42 - Love Deodorant

Fred wants Friday to get some love fragrance from space so that Nora will fall in love with him.


Episode 43 - Super Thomas

Thomas wants to be a hero to impress the girl he likes.


Episode 44 - Gelatina

Friday's birthday is forgotten.


Episode 45 - The Great Conspiracy

There is a plan in place to seek revenge on Brains.


Episode 46 - Float Fault

Fred helps Braianna create a float for the parade.


Episode 47 - Giants and Bigheads

Two aliens arrive on earth and capture Braianna so that she will help them put on a show.


Episode 48 - Corky's Prince

The new boy at school is interested in Corky.


Episode 49 - Carrotade

Fred's father creates a new drink that is supposed to increase strength.


Episode 50 - Fred Takes a Shot

Fred is afraid of injections.


Episode 51 - Braianna Gets the Boots

A famous players' boots go missing and Braianna gets blamed.


Episode 52 - Snow Trip

The class goes on a school skiing trip to the mountains.



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