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Pinecone & Pony Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Pwettiest Pony / Try This Club on for Size

Pony wants to enter a cuteness competition, and Pinecone handles it like a true warrior. Pinecone takes rainbow-conjuring to the next level.


Episode 2 - Lance or Not / Treat Your Creature

Pinecone accidentally breaks her mom’s lance and tries to fix it instead of coming clean. Pinecone’s competitive nature takes over Pony’s special day.


Episode 3 - O Prickly, Where Art Thou? / Big Trouble in Lil Labyrinth

Keeping her stuffy a secret creates a problem for Pinecone. The Lil Rumblers learn their everyday skills can be as powerful as their warrior skills.


Episode 4 - This Calls for Courage / The Straight and Arrow

Pinecone refuses to call for help during her and Pony’s first solo mission. Pinecone meets her archery hero, but he isn’t what she expected.


Episode 5 - It’s a Pony Thing / Hawthorn the Adventurer

A well-meaning Pinecone pulls Pony away from his cocoon-sitting duties. Pinecone helps Hawthorn prepare for his Wiz Kids adventure.


Episode 6 - In Plain Sight / Belt or Bust

Pinecone is too distracted to help Fauna care for a special plant. A merchant sells the kids fancy new belts in exchange for their treasured possessions.


Episode 7 - You’re On! / The Pony Express

Family game night reveals an unusual side of Kimya that Pinecone’s never seen. A wood imp stirs up trouble for Pinecone and Annabelle.


Episode 8 - What Would Freda Do? / A Token of Toughness

Pinecone insists her Freda the Fierce song is perfect the way it is. A quest to prove her toughness puts Pinecone face to face with a dragon.



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