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Pinecone & Pony Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Hero Soup / Sleepless at the Sleepover

Pinecone tries to make a legendary get-well-soon gift for Gladys. Hawthorn trains with his dad to advance his sleepover skills.


Episode 2 - The Harvest Spirit / Speak From the Art

Pony, Pinecone, and Hawthorn set off to uncover the truth behind a Sturdystone legend. Pinecone gives Annabelle a new perspective on family.


Episode 3 - One Night Only / Fountains of Youths

Pinecone will do whatever it takes to attend her favorite shows. Hawthorn and Pinecone meet a kid who doesn’t know what he wants to be.


Episode 4 - Good Night, Bad Knight / A Life of Adventure

The Night Knight visits Pinecone in her dreams. Following Gladys around shows Pinecone there’s more to her mentor than she thought.


Episode 5 - Pinecone and Horse / Once in a Violetmoon

Magpie curses Pinecone and Pony into an alternate life. Hawthorn’s spell to repair an old friendship backfires.


Episode 6 - Festival of Might / Sage Advice

As Keeper of the Crystal for this year’s festival, Sturdystone must host Prince Randolf. Pinecone and Pony encounter a giant.


Episode 7 - Next in Line / A Spell of Your Own

Pinecone opens a “help ya” booth that only leads to more problems. The wizard-fencing tournament teaches Hawthorn that it’s OK to fail sometimes.


Episode 8 - The Sturdy Stone

When a stone monster threatens to destroy Sturdystone, Pinecone tries to protect the town.



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