Schmigadoon! Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Welcome to Schmicago

Feeling joyless in the real world, Josh and Melissa attempt to return to Schmigadoon but instead find themselves in the darker world of Schmicago.


Episode 2 - Doorway to Where

As Josh makes a new friend in jail, Melissa hires a lawyer and goes undercover to clear his name.


Episode 3 - Bells and Whistles

While Josh spends time on the run with Topher and the tribe, Melissa explores Schmicago looking for clues and uncovers a family secret.


Episode 4 - Something Real

After Josh and Melissa realize they need to find a happy ending for everyone, they try to make that happen—with unintended consequences.


Episode 5 - Famous as Hell

Convinced they’re well on their way to a happy ending, Josh and Melissa both rocket to fame in Schmicago and get embroiled in a deadly plot.


Episode 6 - Over and Done

Series finale. Will there be a happy ending? Josh and Melissa are presented with a life-changing choice.



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