Steven Universe Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - House Guest / Space Race

House Guest: After injuring his leg, Greg comes to live with Steven and unintentionally interferes with Steven's powers. / Space Race: Steven attempts to build a spaceship to let Pearl revisit the wonders of the cosmos.


Episode 2 - Secret Team / Island Adventure

Secret Team: Steven, Amethyst and Pearl accidently pop a bubbled gem and form Secret Team to secretly retrieve the missing shards. / Island Adventure: Steven takes Lars and Sadie on a vacation to a magical beach to mend their friendship.


Episode 3 - Keep Beach City Weird! / Fusion Cuisine

Keep Beach City Weird!: Steven gets caught up in Ronaldo's paranormal theories about the strange occurrences in Beach City. / Fusion Cuisine: In an effort to win over Connie's parents, Steven convinces the Gems to fuse together and pretend to be his mother.


Episode 4 - Garnet's Universe / Watermelon Steven

Garnet's Universe: Steven imagines what Garnet does with her day. / Watermelon Steven: Steven discovers a new power when he grows a patch of Steven-shaped watermelons!


Episode 5 - Lion 3: Straight to Video / Warp Tour

Lion 3: Straight to Video: Lion won't stop laying on Steven's face while he sleeps. / Warp Tour: Steven thinks he sees something creepy traversing the warp streams, and the Gems try to ease his paranoia.


Episode 6 - Alone Together / The Test

Alone Together: The Gems try to teach Steven to use his fusion powers. / The Test: Steven finds out that his mission to the Lunar Sea Spire was a test and demands a new one.


Episode 7 - Future Vision / On the Run

Future Vision: Steven learns that Garnet can see into the future and becomes curious about the possible dangers that lurk around him. / On the Run: Steven and Amethyst try out life on the road (Song: "On the Run").


Episode 8 - Horror Club / Winter Forecast

Horror Club: Steven goes to the lighthouse to watch scary movies with Ronaldo, Lars and Sadie. / Winter Forecast: Steven has to get Connie home before it snows.


Episode 9 - Maximum Capacity / Marble Madness

Maximum Capacity: A garage sale reunites Greg and Amethyst with their favorite cheesy sitcom - Lil' Butler. / Marble Madness: Steven and the Gems encounter another droid from space.


Episode 10 - Rose's Scabbard / The Message

Rose's Scabbard: Steven joins Pearl on a special mission to a place that belonged to Rose-Quartz. / The Message: Steven and the Gems try to retrieve a message from the Wailing Stone.


Episode 11 - The Return / Jail Break

The Return: A new threat arrives in Beach City. / Jail Break: Steven teams up with a new ally to rescue the Gems.


Episode 12 - Full Disclosure / Political Power

Full Disclosure: Steven tries to avoid Connie, so he doesn't have to tell her about his most recent harrowing adventure. / Political Power: The Gems cause a power outage in Beach City, and Steven helps Mayor Dewey do damage control.


Episode 13 - Open Book / Joy Ride

Open Book: Steven and Connie want a new ending to a beloved book series, so Steven takes them into Rose's Room to re-enact it. / Joy Ride: The Cool Kids help Steven put some fun back in his life.


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