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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Goodbye Earl

AFC Richmond bring in a sports psychologist to help the team overcome their unprecedented seven game tie-streak.


Episode 2 - Lavender

Ted is surprised by the reappearance of a familiar face. Roy tries out a new gig.


Episode 3 - Do the Right-est Thing

Rebecca has a special visitor shadow her at work. A player’s return is not welcomed by the team.


Episode 4 - Carol of the Bells

It’s Christmas in Richmond. Rebecca enlists Ted for a secret mission, Roy and Keeley search for a miracle, and the Higginses open up their home.


Episode 5 - Rainbow

Nate learns how to be assertive from Keeley and Rebecca. Ted asks Roy for a favor.


Episode 6 - The Signal

Ted is fired up that the new team dynamic seems to be working. But will they have a chance in the quarterfinal?


Episode 7 - Headspace

With things turning around for Richmond, it’s time for everyone to work on their issues—like Ted’s discomfort, Nate’s confidence, and Roy’s attention.


Episode 8 - Man City

Ted and Dr. Sharon realize they might have to meet each other halfway. Tensions are high as the team prepares for the semifinal.


Episode 9 - Beard After Hours

After the semifinal, Beard sets out on an all-night odyssey through London in an effort to collect his thoughts.


Episode 10 - No Weddings and a Funeral

Rebecca is stunned by a sudden loss. The team rally to show their support, but Ted finds himself grappling with a piece of his past.


Episode 11 - Midnight Train to Royston

A billionaire football enthusiast from Ghana makes Sam an unbelievable offer. Ted plans something special for Dr. Sharon’s last day with the team.


Episode 12 - Inverting the Pyramid of Success

Season finale. Richmond get their final chance to win promotion as Ted deals with the fallout of Trent Crimm’s painfully honest exposé.



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