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The Proof Is Out There Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Lost Tribes and Levitating Humans

Could a small, human-like figure spotted in an Indonesian forest be the mythical Orang Pendek? Is a helicopter spotted floating in mid-air proof that levitation is possible? And can some human beings develop an immunity... to being electrocuted? Tony Harris and his team of experts study the evidence and come to shocking conclusions.


Episode 2 - Escape From Monkey Island

Are several mysterious objects spotted over Miami and in the skies above Mexico evidence that UFOs exist? Could strange remains found on a North Carolina beach be from an escaped mutant monkey? Tony Harris and his team examine the evidence and reveal which of these sightings are truly unexplained.


Episode 3 - Alien Orbs and Lightning Balls

Could strange objects caught on a drone cam over Wisconsin be actual UFOs? Could a strange sound caught recorded in a North Carolina backyard be evidence of a secret government program? And how can several airplanes appear to defy the laws of physics? Tony Harris and his team examine the evidence and look for proof that these unusual occurrences are exactly as they seem.


Episode 4 - Giant Serpents and Tiny Goblins

Could a large serpent captured on video be evidence of a mythical snake creature that inhabits the Amazon? Are several strange rings seen floating in the sky actually alien in origin? And has an infamous lake monster known as the Ogopogo finally been captured on film? Tony Harris and his team examine the videos and render a verdict on these strange happenings.


Episode 5 - Deep Sea Sounds and Phantom Ships

Could a flying object caught on U.S. government cameras finally be evidence of alien technology? Is a strange sound travelling through 5,000 miles of ocean proof that the prehistoric Megaladon is still alive? And what accounts for the sighting of an apparent ghost ship floating in Lake Superior? In this episode, Tony Harris and his team examine the videos and render a verdict on these mysterious happenings.


Episode 6 - Weeping Mary and the Montana Alien

Could a strange figure caught on a security cam be evidence of an unknown lifeform? What accounts for a statue that appears to be crying real tears? And can a smartphone app actually allow people to control reality... with their minds? In this episode, Tony Harris and his team of experts take a deep dive into videos of the unexplained and render surprising verdict on what they might be.


Episode 7 - Mystery Hum and Mayans on Mars

Could a girl whose reflection doesn't match her expression be proof we're living in a simulated reality? Do NASA photographs reveal that Mars was actually colonized centuries ago? And what's causing a mysterious hum... being heard around the world? In this episode, Tony Harris and his team of experts analyze videos, photos and audio recordings and render a verdict on whether these strange happenings are real, fake or something in between?


Episode 8 - Giant Blobs and Backyard Bigfoot

Is recent video of a large, hairy creature and casts of its footprints finally evidence that Bigfoot isn't just a myth? How did a man dodge rush hour traffic with seemingly superhuman reflexes? And what can account for one woman's escape from her sinking vehicle... without opening the doors or windows? In this episode, Tony Harris and his team of experts examine new evidence and come to surprising conclusions about what these strange phenomena might be.


Episode 9 - Flying Orbs and Freakish Fish

Could centuries-old photos be proof that reincarnation is actually occurring? Is nuclear waste off the coast of Russia creating an army of mutant fish? And, are California wildfires actually the result of secret government space weapons? In this episode, Tony Harris and his team of experts examine new videos and photographs and reach a verdict on what's behind these strange happenings.


Episode 10 - Ancient Sounds and Moon Mounds

Could a strange footprint and foul smell be evidence that a creature known as the Skunk Ape truly exists? Does a mysterious cluster of mounds on the moon suggest colonization by an alien race? And what accounts for a whisper heard in the desert that resembles an ancient pharaoh's curse? In this episode, Tony Harris and his team of experts examine new videos, photos, and audio recordings and weigh in on what could be behind these unusual events.



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