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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - UFOs Caught on Camera

A new season kicks off as host Tony Harris separates the real from the fake in some of the top UFOs caught on camera in recent history. Spanning 70 years, videos range from a bizarre shape caught on camera during a 1950s minor league baseball game, to new videos leaked in 2021 of pyramids apparently stalking US warships, to a UFO that seemingly dives into the ocean and disappears. Harris and a collection of top experts, from national security specialists to physicists, evaluate each video or film. In 2021, a US government report on UFOs made international headlines by admitting UFOs are real, but the big question remains: What are these incredible objects seen throughout history and around the world? This super-sized episode features videos and films deemed highly credible, and now analyzed for the first time.


Episode 2 - Strange Frequencies and Water Dragons

Could a mysterious creature spotted in an infamous Chinese river be the infamous water dragon? Is a strange, pulsing sound to blame for several soldiers' curious physical ailments? And how on earth did a child miraculously survive a terrifying car crash?


Episode 3 - Dog Headed Man and Summoning Spaceships

Did a Tennessee man capture footage of the infamous Dogman creature without even realizing it? Is it possible to communicate with extraterrestrials...using just a laser pointer?


Episode 4 - Malaysian Toilet Monster & the Buzzer

Could a large black creature emerging from a family's toilet be some kind of mythical creature? Is an eerie radio station secretly part of a Russian military plan? And what exactly did an astronaut see out the window while aboard the Space Station?


Episode 5 - Real Excalibur & Texas Teleportation

Could a sword discovered at the bottom of a river really be the famed Excalibur, wielded by King Arthur himself? Did a doorbell cam capture proof that teleportation is actually possible? And is a family being visited by aliens every Independence Day?


Episode 6 - Solar Spaceship & Invisibility Cloak

Could a breed of dogs possess the power to completely freeze time? Is invisibility cloaking finally science fact rather than science fiction? And is there evidence that aliens crash landed in Antarctica several millenniums ago?


Episode 7 - Two-Headed Serpent & Mummified Monster

Could a petrified creature discovered in Russia be the work of the mythical Baba Yaga? Could this two-headed snake be a genetic experiment gone wrong? And can fire have a mind of its own?


Episode 8 - Apocalyptic Lights and Baby Sharkman

What could have caused a baby shark to develop an eerie, human-like face? Are blue lights in the sky a sign that the end is coming? And are aliens vacationing over Lake Superior? Tony Harris and his team examine the videos.


Episode 9 - Jetpack Man & Alien Ocean Egg

Could a human flying through the skies of Los Angeles be a real life "Iron Man"? Is an amorphous blob in the water the spawn of the fabled Kraken? And have aliens already set up a base at the North Pole?


Episode 10 - Alaskan Sea Monster & Mystery Jungle Jet

Could aliens actually be human time travelers from the future? Can a trick shot classify a person as superhuman? And has someone finally found the lost Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 hiding in the jungle?


Episode 11 - Sasquatch Sounds & Undersea Alien

Could mysterious lights under the surface of the deepest lake on Earth be connected to extraterrestrial life? Has Bigfoot's call and chatter finally been captured on tape? Could UFOs possibly be as alive as the aliens piloting them? Tony Harris and his team examine the evidence and reveal which of these sightings are truly unexplained.


Episode 12 - Wichita Ufo & Booming Sea Sound

Could a strange silver object seen in the sky seen over Kansas be a real UFO? Is a sound permeating through the ocean a warning that something bigger lies below? And what accounts for a strange purple beam caught on camera in Alaska? Tony Harris and his team examine the evidence and look for proof that these unusual occurrences aren't exactly as they seem.


Episode 13 - Bigfoot Revealed

For fifty-four years, the famed Patterson-Gimlin bigfoot film has been touted as the best proof the creature exists.


Episode 14 - Yeti Sighting / Italian Ufo

Could a bipedal figure crossing a snowy field be the fabled yeti? Is a color-changing orb in the sky another example in a long history of UFOs in Italy? And is a creature peeking around the corner a real life alien encounter?


Episode 15 - Snakelike Sea Monster / North Korean Supersoldier

A sighting of a 30 foot long serpentine sea monster. Is a man from North Korea proving that super soldiers might not be such a cartoonish idea after all? And are recordings of strange howls those of the Wendigo from indigenous American folklore?


Episode 16 - Nessie's Cousin and Nyc UFOs

Boaters claim to have captured footage of a real-life cousin to Nessie. Are glowing orbs floating above NYC cause for concern? And how exactly are faces continually showing up on the floor of a home in Spain?


Episode 17 - Mutant Mummy and Alien Monolith

Could the remains of a small, human-like creature be the corpse of an alien visitor? Are loud booms plaguing the area of New Jersey actually coming from giants or gods? And what's really behind the deal with those monoliths popping up in 2020?


Episode 18 - Birdzilla and New Montauk Monster

Could an unidentified creature washed up on the beach be proof of animal testing at a nearby lab? Is an object seen over the skies of inner Mongolia extraterrestrial in origin? And is a site in the woods evidence of a real UFO crash landing?


Episode 19 - The London Serpent and Moon Ufos

Is a serpentine monster lurking under the water in the London's Thames River? And were UFOs spotted crossing the moon? And, how are some people able to defy the fear of heights? Tony and the team investigate.


Episode 20 - Ufo Eruption and Alien Spheres

What's the truth behind a pattern of UFO sightings near volcanoes. Who--or what--made the strange stone spheres of Costa Rica? And what is the secret of an unidentified man living alone in the jungle? Tony and his team investigate.


Episode 21 - Mysterious Sky Moans and Dragon Sighting

Could a UFO seen by multiple residents of a Florida town be the real deal? What is causing a ghoulish moaning sound to come from the sky? And could a dragon have been responsible for a bizarre incident in China?


Episode 22 - Land Ufo and Superhuman Strength

A UFO spotted over one of the world's holiest sites. And could a mysterious floating "spaceman" in a famous photograph be an elaborate, decades-long hoax? Plus, "superhumans" who can stop cars barehanded.


Episode 23 - Ufo on Fire and Dinosaur on the Beach

Could a prehistoric-looking creature washed ashore in Georgia be something new to local scientists? Is a death-defying experience for a toddler proof of guardian angels? And did a UFO spotted in Canada burn up in the atmosphere?


Episode 24 - Ufo Window Seat and Lost Underwater City

Shocking sighting of a UFO outside from the window seat of a passenger jet. A strange underwater discovery is said to be a lost Japanese city. And are giant sloths responsible for a series of tunnels in Brazil? Tony and team investigate.


Episode 25 - Bigfoot's Death Cry and Bird on Mars

Experts investigate the claims of "Ohmawing"--the theory that bigfoot makes sounds that can make people sick. Plus, did NASA's Perseverance Rover capture an image of birds on Mars?


Episode 26 - The Nightcrawler and the Beast in the Tree

The team looks into a new sighting of sasquatch in the trees of California. Are streaks in the night sky in Australia proof of aliens down under? And has a man captured footage of the infamous Fresno Nightcrawlers right in his back yard? Tony and his team of experts investigate these bizarre videos.


Episode 27 - The Creeping Horror and Viral Car Jumpers

What is the truth behind the internet videos of acrobats flipping over speeding cars? And is an amorphous crawling creature from another planet? Tony and team piece together the clues behind these puzzling photos and videos.


Episode 28 - Ancient Alien Carvings and Bigfoot 'Shrooms

A man believes he recorded bigfoot calls on video while foraging for mushrooms. Are rock paintings discovered in India proof that we've never really ever been alone? And has one of our experts captured a fleet of UFOs on film crossing in front of the sun?



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