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Episode 1 - The Great Adventure

Opening in Australia in the year 1914, several men are encouraged to enlist to help the UK war effort. It follows the recruits through their first months of of recruitment, training, and to their first battle: Gallipoli.


Episode 2 - The Big Push

Several months following their retreat from Gallipoli, the ANZACs arrive in France in mid 1916 to be stationed beside the BEF in the Nursery Sector and to partake in the Battle of the Somme during the Pozieres offensive during July-August 1916.


Episode 3 - The Devil’s Arithmetic

The ANZACs continue to struggle with the dangers and boredom of trench warfare in France during the Somme Winter of 1916-17, which leads on the following year their battles of, The Hindenburg Line, Bullecourt, and Blighty Leave.


Episode 4 - Fields of Fire

The ANZAC supported assault during the Third Battle of Ypres bogs down (in November 1917). Morale begins to sag from the attrition.


Episode 5 - Now, There Was A Day

With the defeat of the German offensive, and the entry of the USA in the war, the ANZAC'S gear up for the final Allied offensive against the Germans. Meanwhile, Monash is appointed Commander of the five Australian Divisions of ANZAC.



Season 1

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