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Episode 1 - Season 1, Episode 1

Knocked off his pedestal and on to the Impaired Registrants Program, Hugh, now a mere GP, returns to his childhood home of Whyhope, where he unwittingly gatecrashes the 40th anniversary party of his parents, Meryl and Jim. This awkwardly reunites Hugh with his ex-girlfriend Charlie (Nicole da Silva) and his brother - now her husband - Matt .Reporting for work at Whyhope Hospital, Penny ) - the Head Doctor - makes no bones about telling him she will be watching him like a hawk. But Hugh makes an even bigger enemy of Ken - the Administrator - when he sees to the pharmaceutical rep. Ken then rosters Hugh on everything from a remote case of nits to an overweight FIFO with hemorrhoids. It's only when Hugh helps nurse Aoife with emergency heart surgery that Hugh feels more like himself. And that is worth celebrating - with Aoife and a bottle of Scotch. Old habits.


Episode 2 - Season 1, Episode 2

Hugh wakes up in a house he doesn't recognize, littered with the remnants of a big night and Aoife face down on the floor. Thankfully, she's alive. Upon seeing his hungover state, Penny, however, is not amused and orders him to provide yet another urine sample. Hugh extracts one from a young patient in return for a doctor's note - but unfortunately, it tests positive for cannabis. Hugh's mood is boosted by a call from a Sydney surgeon in need of his help, but the respite is only fleeting as a 16-year-old pinned under a tractor tragically bleeds to death on Hugh's watch. This moment, along with a D&M with his old friend, Joey , who is facing a potential cancer diagnosis forces Hugh to reflect on his life choices. Meanwhile, tensions rise in the Knight family, as a family dinner sparks old flames and tests new dynamics. In an effort to do something right, Hugh bails up his schoolfriend-turned-mining-magnate 'Big Nathan' for $40K and hands it over to Penny for much needed MRI machine, to her delight and great surprise. Giving him a second chance, Penny decides to not test another urine sample.


Episode 3 - Season 1, Episode 3

Hugh is concerned about Jim's health but as per usual, Jim doesn't want to talk about it. Penny reapportions the MRI machine funds - which is frustrating and untimely given Hugh's next patient has a head trauma.This frustration quickly turns to excitement, as Trevor , a colleague and co-pioneer in artificial heart research, turns up to show Hugh their new prototype. They trial the product on a pig they steal on a hunting trip and with the surprise help of Penny, they test its capability. Meryl ,meanwhile, is caught up in a heated political battle to be Mayor, and at risk of scandal, she sets free the stolen pig . containing the $500K artificial heart. While Ajax and Trevor attempt to track down the prized pig, Hugh assists at a B and S Ball. Fueled by alcohol and impulse, Hugh makes moves on Charlie (Nicole da Silva) and goads Meryl's political opponent into a violent resolution. A revelation with his head trauma patient, causes Hugh to recalibrate his approach to life and medicine.


Episode 4 - Season 1, Episode 4

When Hugh is sued for malpractice he must travel back to Sydney to defend himself. He drags Matt along with him in an attempt to bond with his brother but it backfires when Matt is found in a comprising position with another woman. Charlie is pushed to the limit by Meryl and takes revenge with a goat and Penny is put in a tricky position while safeguarding Hugh's complicated life. In misguided honesty Matt 'comes clean' with Charlie - while Joey delivers a shocking and life changing revelation to Hugh. In a last ditch effort to pacify Henry's threats of suing, Hugh returns to Sydney with Ajax in tow and offers up his ocean view bachelor pad as compensation - big city life is getting further and further away.


Episode 5 - Season 1, Episode 5

Hugh becomes the town hero after footage goes viral of him saving a promising young footballer from a booby trapped paddock-turned-minefield. He is swiftly brought back down to reality after being accosted by Ajax for not being able to fix the footballer's hand, and also by Meryl for letting Ajax search the minefield for his friend's fingers. Matt, Charlie, Hugh, Aoife, Joey and Tugger all blow off some steam and get back to basics - a country style lock in with plenty of booze. Charlie has a revelatory kiss, and tries to re-energise her relationship with Matt, only to collapse in pain. Hugh gains a deeper understanding of Penny and what it means to be a parent, while she grieves the anniversary of her husband's death. With Penny AWOL, Hugh must operate on Charlie's ectopic pregnancy. As she and Matt grow closer, Hugh turns to Aoife for some distraction. Hugh-style.


Episode 6 - Season 1, Episode 6

When a brawl at the local pub turns fatal, Hugh learns that they can't save them all. But things only get worse when the transplant team arrives from Sydney, and it's led by Hugh's ex-colleague and long term rival, Daniel. Hugh desperately attempts to hide the fact that he is now working as a country GP, but it's not long before Daniel has exposed him. In the process, Hugh ridicules Whyhope Hospital, and inadvertently offends Penny, Betty and Ken. When Hugh and Penny go to give vaccinations to a rural family they have a run-in with Craig - a farmer with a shotgun. Forced to talk his way out, Hugh is given a fast lesson in what's involved in being a country doctor. Which is lucky, for when Hugh realises that Betty's friend has a subdural haemorrhage, it calls for some low-tech fast thinking, and he drills a bore hole into the man's skull to reduce the pressure. Meanwhile Charlie and Matt are dealing with the aftermath of Charlie's ectopic pregnancy, and Meryl begins on a series of well meaning, but misguided attempts to comfort her. The family gets together for Ajax's sixteenth birthday dinner, complete with an outlandish present from Hugh: a Ducati. During dinner Hugh is outed by a tweet from Ken, and the whole family discover why he is really back in Whyhope.


Episode 7 - Season 1, Episode 7

Hugh gets a running start to his day, when a FIFO worker named Jazz goes on a meth-fuelled psychotic break outside the hospital, and ends up chopping off part of his penis. And that's not the only thing thrown his way - Aoife, tells him she loves him... and gives him 24 hours to say it back. Meanwhile Meryl prepares to unveil her latest contribution to this town - a large statue of a wine bottle and grapes, with an unfortunate resemblance to something else. Gossip soon spreads throughout the town, as Meryl's work becomes famous for entirely the wrong reasons. Back at the hospital, Hugh discovers a cancer trial that's having positive results, and he pulls a few strings to get Joey admitted. But while on a trip to the mines, he and Penny get diverted and end up having to stay overnight in a small farm house. While there, Penny and Hugh have a bonding moment - that is, until she finds out that Hugh's been sleeping with her best nurse. Hugh denies that he'll leave Aoife broken-hearted, but on his return, a serious conversation between the two ends their relationship for good.


Episode 8 - Season 1, Episode 8

When Hugh gets licence to perform minor surgeries, he's desperate to find a patient who needs to go under the knife. Unfortunately he gets interrupted when Floyd climbs on the roof of his school and will only listen to Hugh. He's able to talk Floyd down, but Penny starts to worry about how much time Hugh is spending with her son. At a family dinner, Meryl announces that she's going to run for Mayor, but no one is too thrilled about the idea. Meanwhile Hugh decides he wants to tell Ajax that he's his father, while Meryl and Jim are adamant that Ajax shouldn't find out. Determined to have his way, Hugh lets Charlie (Nicole da Silva) in on the secret, and before long it's leaked throughout the entire family. Meryl reluctantly agrees to tell Ajax, but insists they'll do it her way. However things don't go to plan - Hugh winds up getting his hand caught in the motor of the Ducati, and blurting it out in the worst way possible.


Episode 9 - Season 1, Episode 9

After the accident, Hugh is left without any feeling in his hand, and his future as a surgeon is suddenly in jeopardy. He's also left to deal with his badly-timed revelation to Ajax - that he's his father. Ajax hasn't taken the news well, fleeing the family homestead and setting up camp at the old family cottage. Meryl is particularly on edge, as she's desperate for all the family to pull together for her political debate today. They manage to get Ajax there in time - but Meryl gets caught out when Rod Eagle challenges her about him, and whether he left high school illegally. Meanwhile, Joey has been sent home early from the cancer trial. Hugh is soon discovers the truth - Joey's cancer has metastasised to his brain, and there's nothing further they can do to treat him. Joey's made up his mind, he wants to go out on his own terms, and they hold a wake so that he can be surrounded by his friends one last time. Hugh finally accepts that he is unable to save him, and gives his friend the death that he deserves.


Episode 10 - Season 1, Episode 10

When Hugh discovers that Penny is taking a new job in Sydney, he attempts to remain professional and supportive. However Penny struggles to tell the rest of the staff that she's leaving Whyhope for the big city.Hugh is soon confronted by Tugger who is desperately trying to find out if he played a role in Joey's death. But the results of the toxicology report come in, and it appears Joey was killed by snake venom, exonerating Hugh. Meanwhile, in the midst of her election campaign, Meryl discovers that all of her money has been stolen by Hugh, who argues that he took it for Joey's treatment. Back at the hospital, Penny's replacement arrives - the formidable Nora Gumbleton. But before Penny leaves, the team have one last trauma to face together: there's been an accident and a full load of bus passengers are driven into emergency. Hugh is relieved to finally get some feeling back in his hand, if only to realise what's really important to him - Penny. He goes to tell her, but it's too late, and he watches her drive out of Whyhope without him.


Episode 11 - Season 2, Episode 1

Penny having left town for Sydney, it’s chaos in Whyhope as the hospital is led by her incompetent replacement. Penny’s been gone for a month now, having traded in Whyhope for a job in Sydney. And she’s making the most of the lifestyle change - including dating an ex-army medic she met at her new hospital. Unfortunately Floyd is not enjoying Sydney, he’s being bullied at school, and desperately wants to return to Whyhope. Back the hospital, things are chaotic: there’s a ram in Hugh’s office, a woman’s having twins and leading it all is the less-than-qualified Nora Gumbleton. Betty and Ken plot to get rid of her, but Hugh’s not having any part of it - he’s determined to live out the remainder of his days in peace. But things get serious when Jim collapses and Ajax brings him into the hospital in need of a blood transfusion. Jim recovers from his collapse, but with an odd side effect - he’s plagued by a dark sense of foreboding. Hugh diagnoses that it’s actually a symptom - Nora’s transfused him with the wrong blood type. Hugh quickly realises that Nora’s not just lazy, she’s dangerously incompetent and he agrees to help Betty and Ken: ‘Gumbleton’s gotta go!’ Meanwhile plans for Meryl’s inauguration are in full swing, but are quickly halted when Hayley discovers two boxes of uncounted votes in a back room. They come up with a plan to expose the boxes in due course, but when Rod gets wind of the missing votes, Meryl backtracks and orders Hayley to destroy them. But struck by a crisis of conscience, Hayley decides not to burn the boxes and hides them in the shed instead. At the homestead, Matt’s disappeared to clear his head, and Charlie’s desperately trying to get him to return home. But Meryl questions how hard she’s really trying, and convinces her to use a little imagination. Inspired, Charlie lets a few kegs of beer drain, knowing Matt would won’t stand for anyone else brewing a replacement. Eventually he returns to the homestead and tells Charlie that he’s ready to forgive her. But he does have one important question to ask - has she kissed Hugh since his return to Whyhope? She tells him the truth, and a furious Matt goes off to confront Hugh. Hugh tries to smooth things over - the second kiss wasn’t even his idea. But he only makes things worse and Matt’s incensed - it happened twice?!


Episode 12 - Season 2, Episode 2

As Hugh and the hospital team plot to get rid of Nora, Hayley and Ajax are alarmed to discover they accidently just had sex. Worried about the danger Nora poses to patients, Betty and Hugh concoct a plan to hide any complicated cases from her in an abandoned part of the hospital. But when an accident on a race course injures several jockeys, Nora’s first on the scene. Hugh’s on high alert, and stops her from misdiagnosing a ruptured breast implant as a pneumothorax. Back at the hospital, Hugh devises a plan - make Ken a honey trap, video it and then report Nora for sexual harassment. They get the tape, but when Hugh confronts Nora about it, she produces Joey’s toxicology report. She strongly suspects euthanasia, and is ready to throw both Hugh and Penny under the bus for it. Hugh’s left with no choice but to do a U-turn and relent to Nora running the show. Meanwhile Ajax and Hayley accidently have sex. Ajax wants to propose to Hayley, but ends up getting very conflicting advice from all the family. Things are even more complicated now that Charlie’s living at the homestead, and is being subjected to everyone’s thoughts on her situation. Having Hugh around isn’t helping either, and eventually Charlie tells him he needs to leave. But Meryl gives Matt some tough truths about relationships, and when Ajax proposes to Hayley in front of the family, Matt decides it’s time to forgive both Charlie and Hugh and move on. Back at the hospital, Floyd’s run away and Penny’s come after him. They’re both there when a call comes in - Nora’s been struck by lightning. Hugh senses the chance to make a deal, he’ll say the incident happened at work so she can claim insurance, so long as she disappears for good. She agrees. Oh, and Hugh wants one other thing: a lease to the abandoned part of the hospital - he’s moving in. Meanwhile Penny and Floyd have a quiet moment together at the cemetery. Floyd promises he’ll try harder to like Sydney, but it’s got Penny thinking - maybe they’d be better off in Whyhope after all.


Episode 13 - Season 2, Episode 3

When Penny returns to Whyhope, she’s confronted with the chaos Nora left behind, and an old sci-fi manuscript of Charlie’s comes out of the woodworks. Penny and Floyd have returned to Whyhope. But the hospital is not how Penny left it - her office is hazard zone; moldy sandwiches, a rat trap, miscellaneous files piled high... And things only get worse the further she digs - it seems Nora’s been peddling Oxycodone out of the clinic, patient samples haven’t been sent for testing and to top it all off, Hugh’s now living at the hospital. Things get more complicated when Penny realizes Nora’s still recovering from the lightning strike in the wards, and is determined to carry out the insurance scam. But everything’s interrupted when they get a call out to treat a guy who’s been caught under a falling tree and now has Crush Syndrome. He needs a fasciotomy, but as they begin, the power goes out. They continue with the help of torches, but all of this chaos has left Penny seriously wondering whether she made the right decision to return to Whyhope. Eventually she confides in Betty that she’s not sure if she’ll ever be happy here. Meanwhile Hugh has a sudden burst of inspiration, and designs a new stent shaped like a helix. But his enthusiasm is quickly deflated when Trevor reminds him that no one will invest in them after the artificial heart disaster. However things start looking up when Hugh learns that Penny has been given a research grant from Sydney, and they strike a deal to engineer his new stent together. Back at the homestead, Charlie’s old sci-fi novel manuscript has come out of the woodworks. Charlie gives it to Matt to read, but he’s never been one for sci-fi, and he struggles to get through it. He leaves it with Ajax, and suddenly the whole family are reading it - and are quickly recognizing themselves in some of the characters. Meanwhile Hayley’s having a crisis of conscience. The boxes of votes in the shed are filling her with guilt, and having her parents over at the homestead isn’t helping. Eventually Hayley can’t take it any longer and calls the police to report the missing boxes.


Episode 14 - Season 2, Episode 4

Hayley and Meryl deal with the aftermath of two boxes of uncounted votes, and Hugh bonds with Ajax who’s doing work experience at the hospital. Penny and Hugh’s worst nightmare comes true when they’re called out to the scene of a light plane crash. They quickly discover there’s no survivors, and are terrified when faced with the prospect of getting back on their own light plane to fly home. So the pair devise a plan and sedate each other for the duration of the flight, and wake up when they’ve safely touched down in Whyhope. At the homestead, Charlie and Matt are being interviewed for an article about the Brewery. But when the reporter arrives, the pressure gets to them and they both become slightly warped versions of themselves - Matt’s suddenly a cowboy, and Charlie’s an entrepreneurial business woman. However they soon realize that the young blogger has her eyes on a bigger story, and is using them to get to Meryl . Meanwhile, Ajax has chosen to do his work experience at the hospital, but is alarmed when the three corpses are brought in from the plane crash and stored in the freezer. And that isn’t his only brush with death - as he later watches one of the patients he looked after suddenly die from sepsis. He struggles to understand how the others can be so commonplace with death and considers whether he could ever have a career at the hospital. And Ajax is not the only new face in the clinic - as Dr. Toke, the ex-army medic from Sydney suddenly shows up. He’s followed Penny back to Whyhope, determined to give their relationship a real chance. Hugh’s immediately annoyed by him, and perplexed as to why Penny would consider dating a guy like that. So Hugh decides to get the scoop on their relationship from his man on the inside - and Floyd tells him things look serious. At the Town Hall, an election recount has been called, and Meryl and Rod sit nervously waiting. Finally, the results are in, and Meryl is still the victor. Rod’s furious, and winds up having a heart attack. Hugh, Penny and Toke all arrive on the scene, where they discover he’s recently had bypass surgery. They bring him back to the hospital, where Hugh unpicks the stiches, opens his chest and performs a cardiac massage, saving his life. But the drama is not yet over - Meryl may have won the election, but Tugger reveals CCTV footage of Hayley moving the boxes outside the Town Hall, incriminating them both.


Episode 15 - Season 2, Episode 5

In desperate need of a lawyer, Meryl enlists the help of Penny’s barrister sister, Celia. However Penny’s relationship with her kleptomaniac sister has always been slightly strained, and Penny’s not thrilled when she suddenly shows up on her doorstep. Celia quickly makes herself at home, including inviting all the staff over for dinner, and winds up sleeping with Ken. At the hospital, Hugh gets a call out to a farm where a woman is stuck in a hay baler. They bring her into the hospital, and Hugh attempts to diagnose her - but it doesn’t help that she’s unconscious and her friend doesn’t speak English. They operate and remove her spleen, but it doesn’t work - she’s still deteriorating. However they soon figure out her friend is speaking Danish, and Betty’s able to translate - leading them to discover she’s got a fishbone stuck in her lungs. Meanwhile there’s a new detective in town, Darren, who’s been brought on to investigate the corruption case. Both Meryl and Hayley are prepped by Celia and interviewed. It goes well, but Darren’s out for blood, and Meryl soon suspects that he is going to raid the homestead. She quickly calls for help from Matt and Charlie, getting them to destroy a whole lot of documents, and giving the pair a glimpse into just how corrupt Meryl really is. Things go further south when Hayley confesses to Celia, and she is no longer able to represent her. Sensing that Hayley is a liability for their defense, Celia strongly advises Meryl to throw her under the bus. Meryl considers it, but concludes that family is more important, and makes a deal to step down as Mayor in exchange for dropping the investigation. Darren agrees, but Meryl’s got one last trick up her sleeve - and she enlists the help of Hugh to make it look like she’s had a heart attack.


Episode 16 - Season 2, Episode 6

Penny’s faced with a tough decision when the father of one of her regular patients, a 16 year old boy with Down syndrome, is in a car accident. When the father is put in an induced coma, Penny decides to take the boy in until he recovers. Meanwhile things are getting serious between Dr. Toke and Penny, as he arranges one outlandish date after another. But now Penny’s got both Floyd and Max in tow, putting a dampener on their romantic nights out. Back at the hospital, Hugh isn’t taking their relationship well, and gives Penny an ultimatum - get rid of him and they could be together. But she’s only got 24 hours to make her decision. It’s made even more complicated when Toke decides to propose to Penny. But Penny’s realistic - can he ever really see himself living in Whyhope? Eventually, Toke realizes that she’s too ingrained in the town for their relationship to work, and he leaves to work on a Mercy ship. Meanwhile at her school, Charlie gets into strife when she takes her class for an impromptu excursion, and winds up getting the kids caught in a storm. It’s the final straw in a long line of alternate teaching methods, and the principal fires her. Things get worse when she goes to his house to beg for her job back, and walks in on him dressed as a baby. Charlie’s convinced she’s out of a job, but Meryl intervenes, and forces the principal to hold a panel to deliberate. When they vote for Charlie to keep her job, the principal is furious and quits on the spot, allowing Meryl to push Charlie’s name through as acting principal.


Episode 17 - Season 2, Episode 7

The annual ‘Miss Whyhope’ pageant is in town, and Meryl’s not pleased when Charlie decides to put a new modern spin on the traditional events. The Annual ‘Miss Whyhope’ Pageant is in full swing and Meryl’s doing everything she can to make sure Hayley takes home the crown. But as the new principal, Charlie’s in charge, and she’s decided to implement a few modern changes to the traditional events. Instead of tea parties and float parades, the contestants now face barrel runs and skeet shooting. Meryl’s not pleased by Charlie’s approach - Hayley’s been preparing for the competition for years. Meanwhile Ajax has been left in charge of wedding preparations, and he’s conflicted when Hugh tells him he’s too young to get married. His cold feet aren’t helped by a sudden realisation - might he have feelings for another girl in the pageant? Back at the hospital, things are heating up between Hugh and Penny as they make plans to go on a proper date. But it’s not going to be as easy as they thought, and Hugh first has to deal with an emergency call to a woman’s house - one of her kids is having an asthma attack. They’re finally about to go on their date when Penny remembers Hugh’s fortnightly drug test, and everything is put on hold when it comes back positive. Meanwhile Ajax has decided he can’t marry Hayley if he has feelings for another girl, and convinced he’s doing the right thing, he tells her and they break up. Hugh’s shocked - he never meant for them to break up, he just wanted to stop the wedding. And that’s not his only problem - he can’t work out why the drug test came back positive. Eventually both he and Penny put it together - the woman’s house used to be a meth lab, and the exposure has caused both the kid’s asthma attack and Hugh’s positive test. He and Penny agree to go on a replacement date, but the damage has already been done. Hugh’s convinced that she’ll always see him as the bad guy - and maybe she’s right.


Episode 18 - Season 2, Episode 8

When the homestead gets struck by tree thieves, Matt and Ajax are determined to catch them red handed. But when Jim suddenly collapses, Hugh discovers he hasn’t been doing his dialysis and it’s had serious consequences on his health - he’s going to need a kidney transplant. Penny organises from a home dialysis machine, but it all gets a bit much for Jim. The family are all tested, and despite being broken up with Ajax, Hayley wants to be tested too. Things get complicated when she’s the only one to come back a match, but she insists she’ll donate. Meanwhile, Charlie’s novel has found a cult online following, but her fifteen seconds of fame are tainted when she gets trolled online. Against advice, she starts replying to the anonymous reviewers. However she’s also found herself dealing with a crazy fan who keeps leaving her weird gifts. Things escalate when they discover she’s been camping out on their property, but Charlie decides not to press charges. Instead, they talk about her new novel, and Charlie finds a cure for her writer’s block. Back at the hospital, Hugh goes ahead with the final tests for Hayley, only to come up against an act of God: scans show that she was born with only one kidney. Back to square one, Penny questions Hugh - he has tested himself, right? Hugh argues against the idea but eventually relents and gets tested. However he then gets a call saying a kidney has become available in Queensland. Jim needs to get on a plane fast, but they can’t find him - he’s out with Matt chasing the tree thief. Hugh finally finds him but it’s too late, the kidney has gone to someone else. But all is not yet lost for Jim - as Hugh reveals he came back a match.


Episode 19 - Season 2, Episode 9

It’s the day of Hugh and Jim’s transplant operation, and the stress is being felt by all the family. Meanwhile a mysterious woman’s just arrived in town, and we soon learn that she’s Hugh’s wife he married in Vegas - and to make matters more complicated, they’re not technically divorced. She’s come to Whyhope as part of her AA group’s 12-step program, and is determined to make amends to Hugh for the pain she caused him. However Hugh just wants to sign the divorce papers and have her disappear for good. But the longer she’s in town, the more old feelings start to surface, and when Hugh goes under the knife she can’t help but show up at the hospital to see him. Things don’t go smoothly during the transplant, and after the operation, Hugh has a heart attack. Penny saves his life, but as Hugh comes out of the anaesthetic, the person he asks for is Harriet .Meanwhile at the hospital, Betty’s starting to feel like a third wheel. Ken’s spending all his time with Mia, and when he backs out of book club, it’s the final straw. And they’re not the only relationship on the rocks, as Hayley and Ajax’s wedding is still off. But when Hayley starts to believe she’s damaged goods because she and Ajax had sex, she reluctantly agrees to get back together. However Charlie sees through this - she knows Hayley never really forgave him for having a crush on another girl. Meanwhile there’s a hot new delivery guy at the Brewery, and Charlie’s got a huge crush on him. Matt calls her out on it, but we soon discover Matt’s got a crush on him as well. So the pair come up with a plan to introduce him to Hayley. She’s immediately taken with him, and learns an important lesson - that it’s possible to have a crush on someone and still be in love with someone else. Thrilled, she forgives Ajax, and the wedding is back on.


Episode 20 - Season 2, Episode 10

As Hayley and Ajax make plans for their wedding, Harriet causes trouble between Hugh and Penny when their stent suddenly becomes a success. Plans for the wedding are underway, and the whole family are pitching in - in more ways than one. Everyone’s giving their two cents on whether or not they’re too young to get married, and pretty soon Ajax and Hayley are both feeling conflicted. Meanwhile Harriet and Hugh are making up for lost time - she’s moved into the bachelor pad, and the pair haven’t been seen for days. She’s not making a lot of friends either - Ken’s annoyed that she keeps stealing pudding from the patients, and Ajax makes it clear that he doesn’t think Hugh should be with her. Things escalate when she comes over to family dinner and lets it slip that she and Hugh will be moving to America after his probation is finished. Ajax is devastated, but Hugh tries to explain - he didn’t really think he’d be living in Whyhope forever, did he? Meanwhile Penny’s quietly heartbroken that Hugh’s chosen to be with Harriet, and so immerses herself in her work. But that only lasts for so long, as she’s soon forced to call on Harriet for a dental consult. However things start looking up for Penny when she gets a call to say a company are interested in buying their stent design for a huge sum of money. Hugh’s over the moon - until he tells Harriet, who insists that he should cut Penny lose. They only had a handshake agreement after all, why should she get any of the credit? Hugh tries to broach the subject of copyright with Penny, but it goes badly - she can’t believe he would betray her like that. But when Hugh and Harriet get into an argument that leads to her crashing her car, Hugh realises that they bring out the worst in each other and ends it. Meanwhile Ajax and Hayley have decided they don’t care what anyone else thinks and they go ahead with the wedding. Hugh and Penny watch on, and make a proper agreement - they’re partners.


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