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Episode 1 - Episode 1

It’s been three months since we last saw the Knight family, and much has changed: Jim’s had a heart attack and died... and that’s not all that’s new - as we quickly learn that Hayley is pregnant. Suddenly under enormous pressure, the family struggles to keep it together while they deal with their grief. However things are only about to get harder - as Hugh learns that he’s both inherited the farm, and along with it, millions of dollars of debt. It’s imperative that the farm starts turning a profit, but Matt and Ajax are at logger heads over how the property should be run. Meanwhile Meryl is struggling with her grief in a different way - haunted by nightmares, she avoids sleep. Meanwhile Hugh’s probation has expired and it’s time he went back to Sydney for his interview. It goes well, and his license to practice is re-instated. But he can’t escape the chaos for long, as the trouble in his family soon calls him back to Whyhope.


Episode 2 - Episode 2

There’s trouble for Matt at the Brewery as a rave breaks out at the glamping site, and Darren is called in to investigate. But the noise complaint is not the worst of Matt’s (Ryan Johnson) problems, as Darren realises that the Brewery’s liquor license doesn’t extend to the glamping site, and so Matt’s been serving alcohol illegally. Determined to save his license, Matt realises he may have to bribe Darren, and goes to the expert for advice - Meryl. Meanwhile Penny’s content with how things transpired with Hugh, they had sex and then said their goodbyes - clean and simple. But things get awkward when she realises Hugh hasn’t actually left, he’s got problems to sort out in Whyhope which means he’ll be hanging around for a while. But everything’s put on hold when Hayley starts having symptoms of preeclampsia. Hayley’s at risk for stroke, so Hugh’s forced to make a call - he needs to deliver the baby. He performs an emergency C-section and Hayley gives birth to a premature baby boy.


Episode 3 - Episode 3

Hugh and Penny are still on a high - their romance is going well and the grand opening of the new Cardiac Clinic has finally dawned... but a USB with a video of a 12 week ultrasound ruins Hugh’s morning. Later that day, Harriet arrives in person and confirms Hugh’s worst fears - he is the father of her baby. She presents him with two options: she stays in Sydney and they raise the baby together, or she goes home to the US, raises the baby on her own and Hugh never has anything to do with either of them. Hugh is thrown - which guy is he, option A or option B? Eventually he’s forced to come clean to Penny, it doesn’t go well, and they break up. Charlie’s father Carlito finally arrives but he’s brought someone extra, a 15 year old girl called Ivy, the daughter of his current girlfriend who is away doing a meditation course. A confrontation is inevitable and although she promises Matt that she’ll send him away, Charlie can’t help but ask her dad to stay. However hopeless he is, she needs him there. Meanwhile Meryl is still grieving Jim’s death and she attempts to move on by giving away all his clothes. But disaster strikes when she sees a man in town wearing the clothes and she realises that the only way to deal with her grief is to acknowledge it. A ceremony by fire with Jim’s clothes and her three sons is the only answer. Still reeling from her HELLP incident, Hayley is having trouble bonding with the baby, especially since they’re still not allowed to touch him. Ajax tries to be supportive but she resorts to praying, thinking that God is punishing them for their pre-marital sex. Surprisingly it is Hugh who talks her around and they not only get to finally hold their baby - they also give him a name, ‘Jimmy’.


Episode 4 - Episode 4

Already under pressure from his farm workload and in conflict with both Charlie and Hugh, Matt is incensed to witness a frisson between Meryl and Carlito at a family catch up. Only the arrival of April, a delightful old friend from school who has returned to Whyhope to find love, puts a smile on his face. Meryl struggles to navigate her new fresh widow status and is confronted to learn that nearly everyone is treating her differently in the wake of Jim’s death, including her own sons. Hugh throws himself into his new cardiac clinic, determined to pay off the latest in Jim’s outstanding debts, but in doing so, he alienates his staff and sets up an impossible workload that will be hard to maintain. Penny and Hugh maintain a civil veneer, but he can’t help testing the waters with her again, hoping she hasn’t given up on him all together. Charlie still has rose-coloured glasses for Carlito and defends him to Matt, who she thinks should allow himself to finally grieve properly. Ivy causes problems by drinking with friends and has to be revived by Hugh and Penny when she goes missing and gets alcohol poisoning. When Hugh and Penny save Ivy, Charlie realises her dad has had it tough and invites him and Ivy to stay for good. Even though little Jimmy is stable, Hayley and Ajax are still under immense pressure in the premmie ward and Hayley is increasingly frustrated at the limitations being placed on her. Convinced that all the nurses, including Mia, are out to get her, Hayley starts to take matters into her own hands, which to Ajax, could possibly put Jimmy in harm’s way.


Episode 5 - Episode 5

Carlito has skipped town and Charlie and Matt are left at loggerheads: just what are they meant to do with Ivy? Charlie decides to take the young renegade to school, where the pain of her father’s departure and Matt’s objections are sidelined in yet another Ivy chase cross-country. Over at the hospital, Hugh and the team are preparing for the arrival of a special guest. Not only is Doctor Lucas Fine Hugh’s old boarding school chum, he’s also the chairman of the hospital board. With a little revamp, the cardiac clinic could be up for a considerable donation. While Ken is inappropriately impressed by Lucas’ social media presence and numerous accolades, Penny is going to take a little more convincing. Unfortunately, Hugh’s efforts go too far and he ends up in the middle of an awkward love triangle. Back at the homestead, Ajax and Hayley bring little Jimmy home for the first time. Having read a whole host of books, the new parents are feeling confident. There’s just a couple of problems: Meryl can’t seem to let go and there’s something wrong with Jimmy’s face that no book can solve! Old friends, fledgling families, new beginnings: After much deliberation and a hash meal, Matt and Charlie decide Ivy can stay. Hayley, Ajax and Meryl learn to navigate new boundaries and new businesses. Penny rejects Lucas and his money, but Hugh would take his old team over an old friend any day.


Episode 6 - Episode 6

After Meryl discovers Betty is a competitor in the love matching business, she gets her on board to help organise a Whyhope Speed Dating night. Meanwhile, a faulty pump leads to Arcadia running out of water, and in trying to dig himself out of trouble – literally – Hugh does his back in. Hugh is reduced to doing his rounds on a gurney, and his temper gets the better of him – leading him to insult a difficult patient, who files a complaint against him – jeopardising his career. To make matters worse, Harriet goes on a sushi and soft cheese binge, and contracts listeria, endangering the life of Hugh’s unborn baby. Matt discovers his primary school crush, April, is back in town. There’s still an attraction there, which Matt passes off as mateship – but Charlie can see there’s something between them. Ken is also struggling with jealousy because Darren keeps flirting with Mia. He finally snaps and confronts Darren, forcing him to reveal who he’s actually interested in – Betty. Penny stays away from the speed dating night. Her heartbreak at losing Hugh has been getting the better of her and, as she’s been doing too much lately, she stays home to drink on her own. But then she gets a call from the hospital – a patient is gravely ill. Penny is the on-call doctor, but she is too drunk to work. She calls the only person she can – Hugh – who is forced to perform a difficult surgery. It’s a wake-up call for Penny. She gives Hugh an ultimatum which will change both their lives forever. Meanwhile Charlie drops a bombshell on Matt that threatens to tear their marriage apart.


Episode 7 - Episode 7

Ivy has been caught trespassing by Darren and it’s going to cost Matt and Charlie a hefty fine. But things get more complicated when Darren explains that the fine will mean an appearance in court – with Ivy’s legal guardians. And since she’s technically living in their home, Matt and Charlie now have a decision to make: become Ivy’s legal foster parents or Darren will have her taken into the care of DOCS. What starts off as a simple decision rapidly becomes complicated, and Charlie’s decision never to have children of her own is brought to a head, ending with the pair deciding to break up. Meanwhile Hugh has promised Penny he’ll leave Whyhope, but he’s quickly learning that it’s a hard promise to keep. No one in Sydney will hire him until his investigation is completed, but when the investigator arrives they immediately get off on the wrong foot. And that’s not all that needs to be cleared up before he can leave town, as Hugh is forced to tell his family that it’s time to sell the farm. Meanwhile Ajax is consumed with a problem of his own – it’s been announced that the Whyhope Cemetery is being replaced by a football field, and all the graves are going to be moved. Ajax is outraged and plans to picket against it – until he has an idea. If they move the cemetery to Arcadia, they take in the profits of running it. He convinces Meryl to come on board, and she gets Hugh’s signature on the forms. Hugh’s furious when he finds out exactly what he signed, making him only more determined to go ahead and sell the farm.


Episode 8 - Episode 8

Hugh attempts to show prospective buyers around the property, but Ajax isn’t going to make selling the farm easy … he shoots holes in the ‘For Sale’ sign, locks the farm gates and intercepts a tour of prospective buyers – leading the suits into a flooded paddock. Ajax is so consumed with thwarting the sale that he accidently locks Jimmy in his car, and he and Hugh must race to free the baby from the rising heat. Meanwhile Meryl’s found a match for Penny and convinces her to go on a date with him. She goes in with high hopes, but less than a minute into the date, they’re already in an argument. She plans never to see him again – which would be easier if Floyd wasn’t being bullied by his daughter. She’s forced to go to his house and confront him – only to discover it’s Floyd who has actually been bullying his daughter. Still reeling from Charlie leaving, Matt seeks solace in an old friend – April. She’s about to leave town but is convinced to come on one last night out with Matt, Hugh and Kimberly. They’re all having a great time, until they decide to go shooting, and April’s gun misfires and shoots her in the leg. She’s rushed into the hospital and is treated by Penny. In no state to pack up and move, Matt comes over to help her pack and they wind up sleeping together.


Episode 9 - Episode 9

The Knight family’s fortunes go from bad to worse as Meryl discovers that the mysterious buyer of the farm is actually Rod Eagle. Meryl confronts Hugh, who insists he didn’t know it was Rod. He’s convinced it doesn’t matter anyway - the farm has been sold and there’s nothing they can do about it. But Meryl’s not ready to give up, and she’s determined to find out why Rod paid so much for the property. When she gets wind of insider trading, she blackmails Rod and forces him to pull out of the sale. All is going well for Matt and April, and they start having sex in April’s empty house. But Matt knows April’s on the lookout for a father for her baby, and soon things are moving too quickly for comfort. Penny and Raph are also dating, and Penny’s happy with how things are going between them. But soon Raph’s parenting style comes back into question, and Penny has to decide whether it’s a deal breaker. Meanwhile Hugh and Ken are in town when they run into a guy who needs their help - his son’s unconscious, and he begs them to come with him. They say they’ll call an ambulance, but there’s no time to argue - this guy’s desperate, panicked and welding a gun. They go with the guy to an abandoned shearing shed, where they soon learn that his son’s been bitten by a snake. The father refuses to take him to hospital - there’s a warrant out for his arrest, and if he takes him in, he’ll never see his son again. They finally agree on Hugh going back to the hospital and collecting the antivenom and bringing it back to the kid, but the child ends up having an allergic reaction, and the father is forced to call an ambulance to save his son.


Episode 10 - Episode 10

Determined to start his new job in Sydney, Hugh agrees to induce Harriet so that she can have the baby and they can leave. Hugh begins the induction, but then he and Penny get called out to an emergency. A cattle truck has tipped over, and they are flown in to try and save the driver. All the while Harriet is going into labour and Betty and Ken step in to help deliver the baby. Meanwhile Meryl has had second thoughts about Ajax’s cemetery scheme. The reality has set in, and she’s not keen on the idea of having hearses drive past the homestead every other day. But there’s no stopping Ajax, who is determined to continue with his business idea. Penny and Raph are still dating, but things get complicated when his ex-wife comes into the picture. While out at the cattle truck incident, Hugh and Penny have an honest conversation - Hugh wants to know why she can accept Raph’s mess but can’t accept his. She leaves him with an ultimatum, they can be together, but only if he stays in Whyhope and gives up his life in Sydney forever. He realises he can’t promise her that, he has to leave - this was always the plan. But he soon learns that nothing ever goes to plan, as Harriet flees the country and leave him with a baby girl.


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