First Dates Australia Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Episode 12

Flamboyant, fashion-forward Vlad, is looking for a man with looks and style… Or at least one that can take a good selfie! Enter Jade Kevin Foster, a social media celebrity.


Episode 2 - Episode 11

She’s a 54-year-old looking for another shot at love, but can Taryn look past reality star Nasser’s onscreen MAFS marriage and find a connection?


Episode 3 - Episode 10

It’s a First Dates first, with twin sisters, Isabella and Adelaide, teaming up on a double date. English Gentleman Will is looking to find someone who can make him laugh. Cue hot-blooded Siria.


Episode 4 - Episode 9

To start this evening off with a bang, is long-legged beauty, Britney. Pairing her with down-to-earth James, she is absolutely smitten by him.


Episode 5 - Episode 8

Vivacious Danielle is looking for a good guy who can ultimately just “get it up”. Brandon hopes his Dad jokes and "Red Jesus" beard can win over his date, Casey.


Episode 6 - Episode 7

First up tonight is celebrity Ajay Rochester, bringing big energy! She instantly hits it off with her date, truckie Matt. Young singletons Claudia and Jack bring the sizzle in this episode.


Episode 7 - Episode 6

Shadi has returned to the restaurant for the fourth time! But he's back a different man. He's lost a lot of weight, he's found faith and his chastity belt is now back tightly in place.


Episode 8 - Episode 5

A dater brings her dad along for her date. Also, aspiring white Kiwi rapper Tyler meets a saccharine Princess who can burp the alphabet.


Episode 9 - Episode 4

Hoping to find someone to get their hearts racing are these two V8 loving bogans, Ebony and Nick. Also, a brother and sister are duo both searching for the perfect man (not the same one!)


Episode 10 - Episode 2

One lucky dater goes on a blind date with Geordie Shore star, James Tindale. Two daters prove that age is just a number. We encounter Australia’s raunchiest dater.


Episode 11 - Episode 1

In an Australian first, the red carpet is rolled out for a Logie award-winning TV legend. A new dater has a laugh you'll never forget, and another might just be Australia's worst eater.



Season 4

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