Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Man from the South/A Hostage with No Compromises

After Sousuke blows up his shoe locker, a strange letter is found in the rubble. Later, Kaname is kidnapped by a gang of high school punks!


Episode 2 - Hostility Passing-By/A Fruitless Lunchtime

After Sousuke causes a lunchtime riot, he and Kaname must man the bread counter and serve the students. Meanwhile, a mad dash ensues when Sagara forgets to bring Kaname’s study notes to school.


Episode 3 - Summer Illusion of Steel

Kaname’s having tea with a wealthy young man when Sousuke shows up looking for her. Things get awkward after accusations of stalking and perverted behavior force Sousuke to infiltrate the guy's house.


Episode 4 - The Hamburger Hill of Art/Single-Minded Stakeout!

Sousuke’s career as an artist’s model gets off to a rough start when he learns he may have to show some skin. And when Kaname is threatened by Yakuza thugs, Sagara uses Bonta-kun to save her!


Episode 5 - The Pure Yet Impure Grappler/Trespassing on Good Faith

When Sousuke takes on the Karate Club, the first three fights are no problem - the club president is another story. And when the janitor is injured during the brawl, one of the guys has to help him with his duties.


Episode 6 - The Hard Sell Fetish/The Patient of Darkness

While Kaname works with the cops to catch a pervert, Sousuke tries to protect her - and quickly becomes a suspect in the case! Later, Kaname and Mizuki try to scare Sagara in an abandoned hospital.


Episode 7 - The War Cry of Excessiveness

The Jindai High Rugby Club will be disbanded unless Sousuke and Kaname can whip them into shape. It’ll be a tough mission - the club is made up of a bunch of losers.


Episode 8 - A Goddess Comes to Japan (Part 1: The Suffering)

Tessa decides to take some time off and goes to Sousuke's school for two weeks. Unfortunately, between work and homework, Sousuke’s feeling pretty stressed out.


Episode 9 - A Goddess Comes to Japan (Part 2: The Hot Spring)

When Tessa, Sousuke, and Kaname head to the hot springs, Kurz undertakes a special mission: peeking into the girls’ bath. Luckily, Sagara has already planned for this and planted a trap.


Episode 10 - A Fancy without Honor or Humanity

Ren’s dad - a Yakuza boss - hires Sousuke to train his men how to fight. The gangsters’ new skills are put to the test when a rival organization kidnaps Ren and Kaname!


Episode 11 - Uncontrollable Bluebird

The Sociology Club conducts an experiment to find out which school club flirts the best. Sousuke helps out Shinji in the Photo Club, but it’s soon apparent he has no idea how to handle the opposite sex.


Episode 12 - 5th Period Hot Spot

Sousuke orders a new scope for his pistol, but receives a strange bottle instead. Unfortunately, the contents are a biological weapon. Even worse, the bottle is opened up in the school!



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