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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Amazing Atticus / Sea Lovin’ Sam

Atticus wants to surprise his daughter but can't get her attention. Sam hopes to take his brother Lars sailing—except Lars doesn't like boats.


Episode 2 - Ballerina Betsy / Pizza Pasquale

Betsy can't find her ballet shoes and must retrace her steps. Pasquale isn’t sure how he'll feed customers while his pizza shop is being painted.


Episode 3 - Mini-Golf Mike / Helpsters Need Help

Mike needs to play one more round of mini-golf to break a record, but ran out of courses. The Helpsters lock themselves out of their shop.


Episode 4 - Helpsters Halloween / Storyteller Sofia

The Helpsters were so busy that they forgot to plan for Halloween. Sofia is getting ready for the big day and needs help thinking of a scary story.


Episode 5 - Billy Bug / Cody Rides a Bike

Billy wants to study a cicada—except he can't find one. The other Helpsters plan to ride bikes to the shop but Cody doesn't know how.


Episode 6 - Cookie Cornelius / Mr. Primm’s Spoon Club

Cornelius wants to make a cookie for his neighborhood. Mr. Primm needs to host a meeting for his Spoon Club but doesn’t know how to start.


Episode 7 - Camper Cortez / Artist Andrew & Detective Dudley

Cortez plans to go camping—except it’s raining outside. Andrew and Dudley want to be friends but aren't sure what to do together.


Episode 8 - Helpsters Help Heart / Callie the Clown

Heart gets lost at a faraway room in the shop. Conductor Callie wants to join a clown group but doesn’t know where to start.


Episode 9 - Park Ranger Percy / Lizard Lizzy

Percy is supposed to open his park to the public today—but it isn’t ready. Lizzy needs someone to watch Karen, her pet lizard.


Episode 10 - Bells and Whistles Will / Beatrice Builder

Will loves to play hide and seek, but he always gets found first. Beatrice wants to learn how to build with sand.


Episode 11 - Piano Paul / Grandma Gracie

Paul needs help turning his sheet music while he plays piano. Grandma Gracie and Cody’s regular lunch diner is closed.


Episode 12 - Freeze Pop Felix / Bowling Babette

Felix is going out of town on a hot day and can’t hand out freeze pops. Babette wants to go bowling but can’t find an alley.


Episode 13 - T-Ball Toni / Trophy Todd

Toni’s T-ball team needs another player for their game today. Todd lost the special trophy he made for the mayor—and now he must find it.



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