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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Delivery Delia / Knight Niko

Delia receives a delivery request that seems impossible to fulfill. Niko wants to win a game of tag against Carla.


Episode 2 - Mail Carrier Marty / His Royal Primmness

The Helpsters find out it’s Marty’s birthday while fixing his mailbag. Mother Primm announces it’s Mr. Primm’s turn to be King of Primmflandia.


Episode 3 - Smoothie Samantha / Taxi Tina

Samantha wants to open a smoothie shop. Tina finds an ice cream cake in her taxi, but she’s not sure who it belongs to.


Episode 4 - Cheerleader Chadwick & Chelsea / Heart’s Family Dinner

Chadwick and Chelsea need a new cheer to root for the Blue Team. Heart wants to spend more time with family.


Episode 5 - Pancake Flipping Pietro / Scatter’s Band

Pietro promises his friends a pancake breakfast. Scatters volunteers his band for a concert even though he doesn’t have a band.


Episode 6 - Race Car Roxy / Helpsters Go to the Beach

Roxy is racing in the Tiny Car Derby, but she’s only raced regular-sized cars. The Helpsters plan a fun day at the beach.


Episode 7 - Sporty Spencer / Giveaway Day

Spencer’s looking for a new sport to play with her friends. The Helpsters come up with a way to free up some space in their shop.


Episode 8 - Birthday Performer Bart / Supermarket Sue

Bart is on a mission to learn three new party tricks. Sue asks the crew for tips on being a superhero.


Episode 9 - Weather-Loving Winston / Veterinarians Vera and Vinnie

Winston needs help preparing his first weather report. Vera and Vinnie want to learn how to collaborate for a talent show.


Episode 10 - Traveling Tracy / Inventor Ines

Tracy calls on the crew to help him build a carnival. Ines seeks inspiration for her next great invention.


Episode 11 - Scuba Skylar / Librarians Leroy, Lana, & Luke

Skylar is eager to learn a new dance. Leroy, Lana, and Luke want to put on a play for storytime.


Episode 12 - Mechanic Mel / Robby & Rhonda Run Again

Mel hopes to fix a broken toy. Robby and Rhonda stop by the shop before a big relay race.


Episode 13 - Wizard Wallace / Heart Goes to the Dentist

Wallace can’t complete a magical potion on his own. The crew helps Heart prepare for a dental appointment.


Episode 14 - Helpsters Hundredth Help

The Helpsters work toward their 100th help—and get ready to celebrate.



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