Hey Duggee Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Drawing Badge

It's raining, so Duggee and the squirrels stay indoors to do some drawing.


Episode 2 - The Cake Badge

Happy finds a cake lying around in the field and decides to eat it. But whose cake is it?


Episode 3 - The Hair Badge

Duggee is having a bad hair day. Can the squirrels help him at all?


Episode 4 - The Summer Holiday Badge

The Squirrels are out tobogganing with Duggee when they spot a bird fall from the sky.


Episode 5 - The Rescue Badge

Enid the cat is stuck up the tree. How will Duggee and the squirrels get her down?


Episode 6 - The Super Squirrel Badge

The squirrels read a super-hero comic and decide they want to be super squirrels.


Episode 7 - The Jam Badge

Duggee is making jam, but then his fruit is stolen.


Episode 8 - The Treasure Hunt Badge

The Squirrels find a treasure map inside Duggee's big shiny ruby.


Episode 9 - The Scarecrow Badge

The birds keep eating Duggee's grain, so the squirrels build a scarecrow.


Episode 10 - The Bouncing Badge

Duggee got a bouncy castle for Tag's birthday, who will get a chance to try it out?


Episode 11 - The Leaf Badge

The Squirrels and Duggee go looking for a special leaf, but find something surprising!


Episode 12 - The Omelette Badge

Duggee decides to make an omelette, but there’s no eggs. Those chickens need to get busy!


Episode 13 - The Food Growing Badge

Duggee is sowing seeds. The squirrels want to grow something too but who will grow what?


Episode 14 - The Paddling Pool Badge

It’s a scorcher of a day. Luckily Duggee has a paddling pool. Time for some fun.


Episode 15 - The Paper Boat Badge

Duggee shows the squirrels how to make a paper boat out of newspaper.


Episode 16 - The Castle Badge

The squirrels hear an echoey voice coming from the top of a castle's spooky tower.


Episode 17 - The Show & Tell Badge

The Squirrels look for something interesting to share at the clubhouse.


Episode 18 - The Rocking Horse Badge

Duggee introduces the squirrels to Bucky his old rocking horse. Saddle up, squirrels!


Episode 19 - The Get Well Soon Badge

Oh dear, poor Norrie is sick. Can the squirrels think of something to cheer her up?


Episode 20 - The Hiccup Badge

The Squirrels meet a little worm. It’s swallowed a bit too much earth and has the hiccups.


Episode 21 - The Maze Badge

The Squirrels build a maze out of all the things in Duggee's workshop.


Episode 22 - The Raindance Badge

It’s a hot day and Duggee’s flowers are looking sad. Some water would perk them up.


Episode 23 - The Acorn Badge

Norrie is upset when she sees a leaf fall from the tree, because she thinks it’s broken.


Episode 24 - The Balloon Badge

Duggee is blowing up balloons for Tino the grumpy artistic mouse’s birthday.


Episode 25 - The Hide and Seek Badge

As it's nearly Christmas, Duggee asks the Squirrels to help decorate the clubhouse.


Episode 26 - The Sheep Badge

Duggee & the Squirrels decide to play Hide & Seek. Duggee counts while the Squirrels hide.


Episode 27 - The Spider Badge

The Squirrels are playing when they notice that there a sheep in the clubhouse!


Episode 28 - The We Love Animals Badge

The squirrels are playing when Norrie discovers a spider in the dressing up box.


Episode 29 - The Snowman Badge

Duggee is stroking Enid the cat, and the squirrels want to find animals to stroke as well.


Episode 30 - The Decorating Badge

The Squirrels are playing outside in the snow and decide to build a snowman.


Episode 31 - The Tidy-Up Badge

Duggee is painting the clubhouse, and the squirrels ask if they can help out.


Episode 32 - The Circus Badge

It’s time for a Spring Clean. Duggee is dusting when a big package arrives for him.


Episode 33 - The Egg Badge

The circus has come to town and the Squirrels are excited, but it’s a flea circus.


Episode 34 - The Puppy Badge

One of the chickens is laying her eggs, and one of the eggs has sprouted legs!


Episode 35 - The Cardboard Box Badge

Duggee's nephew Dudley comes to stay, and causes puppy chaos in the clubhouse.


Episode 36 - The Caterpillar Badge

The Squirrels are interested in a big cardboard box that has arrived for Duggee.


Episode 37 - The Sandcastle Badge

The squirrels are helping Duggee in the garden when they befriend a caterpillar.


Episode 38 - The Football Badge

It's a beautiful day, and the Squirrels are learning to make sand castles on the beach.


Episode 39 - The Puppet Show Badge

Duggee decides it's time to teach the Squirrels to play football.


Episode 40 - The Birdwatching Badge

Duggee and the Squirrels put on a puppet show for everyone.


Episode 41 - The Big Parade Badge

Duggee is using his trusty binoculars to do some bird-watching.


Episode 42 - The Be Careful Badge

Duggee introduces the squirrels to his friend Eugene, the leader of the Big Parade.


Episode 43 - The First Aid Badge

Naughty Monkey causes chaos when he throws his banana skins around!


Episode 44 - The Bubble Badge

Tag falls over and bumps his knee. Duggee has his First Aid Badge so he can help Tag.


Episode 45 - The Submarine Badge

Duggee has a pot of bubble mixture and he's blowing fantastic bubbles.


Episode 46 - The Detective Badge

It's a day out for Duggee and the Squirrels who are off on an underwater adventure.


Episode 47 - The Sewing Badge

Duggee puts on his Detective badge to solve the mystery of his missing apple pie.


Episode 48 - The Surprise Badge

Duggee makes snazzy Poncho then meets a Polar Bear with a bad cold who needs a hanky.


Episode 49 - The Teddy Bear Badge

Duggee and the Squirrels have bought Hennie a present for her birthday.


Episode 50 - The Story Badge

Duggee wonders 'Who does that huge Teddy Bear belong to?'


Episode 51 - The Tinsel Badge Christmas

Duggee is wrapping presents to go under the tree and asks the squirrels for help.


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