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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Being Quiet Badge

Duggee and the Squirrels go on an adventure to find a famously shy creature.


Episode 2 - The Duck Badge

The clubhouse is inundated with stray ducklings who think Norrie is their mum.


Episode 3 - The Tooth Brushing Badge

Duggee and the Squirrels meet a lion with unfortunate breath.


Episode 4 - The Camouflage Badge

The Squirrels meet a chameleon called Cosey and learn about blending into surroundings.


Episode 5 - The Get Indoors Badge

A weather warning from Duggee's barometer leads the Squirrels to round up the creatures.


Episode 6 - The Day Off Badge

It's Duggee's day off but the Squirrels show up to tell him about their adventures.


Episode 7 - The Pen Pal Badge

Duggee arranges for the Squirrels to write to some pen pals.


Episode 8 - The Big Day Out Badge

Duggee takes the Squirrels and their parents on an exciting mystery trip.


Episode 9 - The Tree Badge

Duggee helps the Squirrels learn about all the things trees do for creatures around them.


Episode 10 - The Cheese Badge

Duggee and the Squirrels go on a mission to contain an outbreak.


Episode 11 - The Radio Badge

The Squirrels find some of Duggee's radio equipment and decide to start their own show.


Episode 12 - The Opposites Badge

The Squirrels learn what opposites are with the help of some topsy-turvy animal friends!


Episode 13 - The Breakfast Badge

Tag is feeling grumpy because he didn't eat his breakfast, but Duggee knows how to help.


Episode 14 - The Family Photo Badge

The Squirrels learn that friends can be like family, and take a brilliant group photo!


Episode 15 - The Future Badge

The Squirrels are taken to the future, which has a robot Duggee and other strange sights.


Episode 16 - The Philosophy Badge

Tino the Artistic Mouse inspires the Squirrels to think about life's big questions.


Episode 17 - The Sharing Badge

Duggee and the Squirrels bake a pie and learn how to share by dividing things equally.


Episode 18 - The History Badge

The Squirrels get a special history lesson from Duggee and some faces from the past.


Episode 19 - The Art Badge

The Squirrels learn about art while making pieces for Tino's Woodland Biennale.


Episode 20 - The Crazy Golf Badge

Duggee and the Squirrels practice their golf in pursuit of a round of milkshakes.


Episode 21 - The Mystery Badge

The Squirrels go to a fancy party at King Tiger's house and become embroiled in a mystery.


Episode 22 - The Election Badge

Eugene is retiring from running as leader of the annual summer fair and he needs somebody else to take over and replace him. Duggee and the Squirrels suggest they hold an election to make things fair.


Episode 23 - The Mixtape Badge

The Squirrels are exploring in the attic when they find an old cassette tape.They decide to make a mixtape for Duggee to remind him of all of the happy memories they have made and all the fun times they had while earning their badges.


Episode 24 - The Taste Badge

Duggee is busy making a smoothie and the Squirrels cannot decide whether the smoothies are delicious or horrible. So they decide to make their own adventurous smoothies showcasing their favourite flavours to discover what the sense of taste is.


Episode 25 - The Biology Badge

Duggee and the Squirrels take a hop onto the Biology Bus and miniaturise themselves in order for them to go on an epic voyage of discovery inside of Enid the Cat to find out what is making her cough.


Episode 26 - The Puddle Badge

Happy sees a very questionable-looking puddle that he is determined to splash in, much to the horror of Duggee, the other Squirrels and the tiny citizens of Midgetropolis who live inside it!


Episode 27 - The Game Show Badge

The Squirrels have finished playing all of their board games. So Duggee entertains them by putting on a game show with some help hosting from his good friend Ladybug.


Episode 28 - The Round Up Badge

Duggee and the Squirrels are on the trails of a lost herd of cattle cows with the support of Duggee and his old western pal Rodeo Horse who teaches them how to be cowhands.


Episode 29 - The Favourite Badge

The Squirrels learn what a favourite is, but have trouble deciding what their own favourite things are, so they make a film asking some of their friends what is special to them to help narrow it down.


Episode 30 - The Topiary Badge

When the Squirrels see Duggee practicing his amazing and impressive topiary skills and they are keen to try some of their own and promptly put all of their new talents into practice in order for them to tame some very wild woods.


Episode 31 - The A Cappella Badge

The Squirrels are inspired to learn about how to sing a cappella style, which means performing songs together only using voices and sounds made with their mouths with no instruments involved.


Episode 32 - The Christmas Badge

During the holiday season, the Squirrels try to inspire Duggee's friend Clarence who has unfortunately lost and forgotten about his Christmas cheer.


Episode 33 - The Babysitting Badge

Duggee has a job to do outside the Clubhouse, leaving King Tiger to look after the Squirrels.


Episode 34 - The Comic Badge

Duggee reads the Squirrels one of his favourite comics and they help with ending it.


Episode 35 - The Senses Badge

Roly loses his best potato, but Duggee finds it using his sense of smell as the Squirrels learn about the Five Senses.


Episode 36 - The Diplomacy Badge

Betty and Sergeant Ant just want perfection, but no one seems to be listening as the Squirrels do a lesson on speaking more sensible.


Episode 37 - The Buddy Badge

Duggee hosts a Buddy Bonanza for Mrs Weaver and the Squirrels, with the aim of finding new buddies with common interests to them.


Episode 38 - The Bridge Badge

The Squirrels help a quarreling group of Gerbils sort out their longstanding disagreement.


Episode 39 - The Soap Opera Badge

After accidentally breaking the Chickens' TV aerial, the Squirrels recreate the final episode of their favourite soap opera.


Episode 40 - The Mythical Creature Badge

The Squirrels find a book about mythical creatures, which inspires them to find one themselves.


Episode 41 - The Counting Badge

The Squirrels try to attempt to completing the ultimate achievement challenge of counting up to 100.


Episode 42 - The What Happened? Badge

There's some strange communication glitches going on around the clubhouse and the Squirrels attempt to tell us the scenarios of what just happened.


Episode 43 - The Telling Time Badge

John the Crab teaches the Squirrels about telling time and time zones on a analog and digital clock in order to plan a surprise party for his silent husband Nigel.


Episode 44 - The Puzzle Badge

The Squirrels are so close to finishing a jigsaw puzzle.


Episode 45 - The Action Hero Badge

Roly has a model of action hero Jet Rockett. The Squirrels discuss his adventures and how new skills such as being in touch with his emotions and being good at maths could help him save the world.


Episode 46 - The Training Badge

Duggee struggles to organise the Squirrels in order of height and keeping them focused on the task. Sounds like the Squirrels need some training to improve their concentration.


Episode 47 - The Reunion Badge

Duggee hosts a reunion for the First Ever Squirrel Club students he taught and looked after when they were younger.


Episode 48 - The Board Game Badge

It's another rainy day outside which means it's a perfect day for playing board games.


Episode 49 - The Direction Badge

The Squirrels go outside for another boring walk, but this time for some reason, they can't find their way to get back to the clubhouse! Luckily, Duggee is able to help them out which teaches them the directions of north, south, east and west.


Episode 50 - The Perfume Badge

The Squirrels make their very own perfume and make some commercials to go along with it for good measure.


Episode 51 - The Building Block Badge

The Squirrels become architects so Duggee helps them use blocks in order to bring to life their very own block replica of Duggee's clubhouse.


Episode 52 - The Walking Badge

Duggee and the Squirrels learn about the many ways you can take a walk with your friends and family and also comes up with another one of Duggee's catchy songs to go along with it.


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