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Episode 1 - How to Make Your Rep

Starting eighth grade, Indie is determined to have a cool rep. And though her parents made her spend the summer studying Mandarin in her basement, she hides her boring vacation by wearing a camp t-shirt to the first day of school so everyone will assume she did something cool and fun.


Episode 2 - How to Have Your Samosa and Eat It Too

It's 'World O' Food Day' at school, and Ram Ramachandran is already boasting that he has the best food for the South Asian booth. Indie, tired of his bragging and bossing (and even more tired of Ram's constant lovey advances), gets into a 'whoever has the best food wins' contest, and if she loses, it means a date with Ram.


Episode 3 - How to Get on Carlos Martinelli's Capital 'L' List, and Live

India plans a giant party in order to get off of Carlos' humiliation list.


Episode 4 - How to Trick Your Parents Into Treating You Like a Grown Up

Halloween brings scary movies to TV, and Indie can't wait to watch them with her family, but her parents nix the idea, sure their youngest is not ready. But when Indie sets out to prove how brave she is, a gift from her aunt in India - a creepy doll - scares her silly! In front of everyone!


Episode 5 - How to Strike a Balance

When Abi wins an award for the cleanest room and it ignites some heavy competition between Indie's and Abi's moms, the girls have had enough of the one-up-mom-ship. But the girls' attempts to outwit their moms backfires when Mrs. Mehta hears accomplished Abi practicing piano and thinks beginner Indie is a prodigy.


Episode 6 - How to Be a Mehta

When Indie tries to outdo her siblings on the "Mehta Family Graph of Excellence," her push for an A in gym winds up earning Indie her first "F" ever. But when she tries to hide it from her parents long enough to pull up her grade, she gets caught, and they threaten to send her to a super-strict "boarding school for hooligans" in India.


Episode 7 - How to Make a Comeback

When the Quiz Bowl sign up comes around, Indie sees the perfect opportunity to finally end Rexdale Junior High's losing streak. With her friends by her side and her quiz-master dad coaching them, what could go wrong?


Episode 8 - How to be Ridonkulous

Indie must convince her parents to let her have a cell phone.


Episode 9 - How to Get a Pet

Indie wants to prove she's responsible enough for a puppy but gets a turtle instead.


Episode 10 - How to Succeed in Business Without Really Lying

Indie and Ruby go head to head in a Micro managers sales competition.


Episode 11 - How to Get Some Cred

Indie tries to prove to Ruby and her friends that she's really cool.


Episode 12 - How to Prove You're Actually a Nice Person

In a freak turn of events Indie accidentally insults Fiona, the new girl with the screechy voice, in what looks like an act of cruel ridicule. Of course, it's not, but tell that to the whole school who thinks Indie is a real jerk! How can she change everyone's mind? How 'bout by doing some good deeds?


Episode 13 - How to Make a Good Impression

Indie has a 'level three' crush on her new neighbour, Chad, so she pleads with her family to please "act normal" so as not to scare him away. But in her effort to hide her family's eccentricities, Indie is the one who comes off looking like a 'level three' oddball. Will Indie and the eccentric Mehtas discover that sometimes the only way to save yourself is to be yourself?


Episode 14 - How to Keep Your Cool in a Heat Wave

Indie and Abi are willing do do anything to get an air conditioned sleep.


Episode 15 - How to Party Like Chandra

Indie and Abi convince Chandra to show them her secrets.


Episode 16 - How to Make the Most Out of Being a Host

Indie's Jekyll & Hyde cousin from India, Baldev, is making her life miserable.


Episode 17 - How to Get Gotten

Indie baby-sits Todd Tash as a project for Mrs. Roland.


Episode 18 - How to be a Hit on TV

Sunday mornings at the Mehta house means watching 'Metro Mosaic' with Pinky Param. The who's who of South Asian locals appear on the show, so when Indie's evil cousin Ruby's dad is featured, Indie wants to get her "way better" family on, too. With help from Ram's contacts she sells Pinky on a feature idea and gets to work on it.


Episode 19 - How to Pass the Smell Test

Indie's parents have gone crazy for mothballs and now that's all anyone can smell every time she enters a room. To make matters worse, Carlos Martinelli is looking for someone new to make fun of. Meanwhile, Abi becomes an out of control hall monitor.


Episode 20 - How to Cement the Win

In a desperate bid to save fave teacher Ms. Nunes' job, Indie and Abi help Marlon try to win the school science fair - and it gets them into a super-sticky situation with Carlos Martinelli. Meanwhile, AJ challenges his nemesis Mike O'Donnell to a Thrash Attack air guitar showdown - in public!.


Episode 21 - How to Not Get Crushed by Your Crush

It's Valentine's Day and Indie's finally going to express her feelings to Chad Tash!. Meanwhile, AJ and Chuck plan to have an Anti-Valentine's Day rally.


Episode 22 - How to Fight For Your Rights

How can Indie prove her strength in karate class when Chad Tash makes her weak at the knees?. Meanwhile, Marlon attempts to get through life without Abi's advice.


Episode 23 - How to Manage Your Moms

Indie and Abi are chosen to organize the eighth grade dance - but will they be able to get around their meddling moms to pull it off?. Meanwhile, Marlon brings his action movie obsession into his real life, with mixed results.


Episode 24 - How to Have the Last Laugh

When she tries to keep her mother from reading her diary, Indie accidentally puts her most private, personal thoughts on display in the worst way possible. Meanwhile, Abi's chosen as the teacher's pet, but can she keep the position when everything seems stacked against her?


Episode 25 - How to be Mum's Number One

It's a birthday battle to the death when Indie, Chandra and AJ try to outdo each other on Mom's special day. Meanwhile, can Marlon use a life-sized photo of himself to get out of detention, and more?.


Episode 26 - How to Beat Father Time

Indie needs to find something special to put into the school's super-awesome time capsule, while at the same time getting out of her Dad's super-boring World Cup of Cricket lessons. Meanwhile, AJ gets his geek on as Coach Wexler's IT guy.



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