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Episode 1 - I'm the King of the Castle

Frankie and Lewis are confronted with a shocking twist of fate as they move into their new family home. Tess and Caroline grapple with their relocation to Sydney.


Episode 2 - Cold Blooded Creatures

An invigorated Tom arrives back in Sydney and swiftly finds himself a new job and a new flirtation. Lewis and Frankie are at odds following their traumatic loss.


Episode 3 - Say What You Mean

Frankie is overwhelmed by the challenges of her new job and horrified at the extent of Lewis's debts. Gerry makes a surprise announcement at his birthday dinner and Tom introduces Dylan to the world of restaurants and staff parties.


Episode 4 - Together Apart

Charlie and Julia's strained dinner with Simone takes an eventful turn when Tom arrives with a surprise.


Episode 5 - The Cemetery Gates

Dylan takes a walk on the wild side as he explores his newfound freedom.


Episode 6 - Cars Without Brakes

Frankie and Lewis' marriage reaches a crisis point when Frankie loses her licence after taking the rap for Lewis' car accident.


Episode 7 - Running With Crabs

Now living with Di, Frankie plunges back into her art as she deals with her separation, while Lewis has a dangerous relapse.


Episode 8 - And In the End

Dylan lands in hospital and Frankie comes to his aid. Lewis applies for his driver's licence - he's decided to start again.



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