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My Lottery Dream Home International Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - S1 EP1 Newly Minted In Newcastle, England

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen helps a winning couple find their dream home in Newcastle, England; they need an upgrade to a single family home, but have different styles.


Episode 2 - S1 EP2 The Luckiest Postcode in Plymouth, England

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen arrives in Plymouth, England to help Wayne. Unable to work after an accident, Wayne's luck changed after he and his mum won The People's Postcode Lottery.


Episode 3 - S1 EP3 A Fortnite Fortune

A 16-year-old gaming whiz buys his first family home in Havering, England, after winning over $1 million in the Fortnite World Cup.


Episode 4 - S1 EP4 A Fairytale Castle

After winning the lottery, a couple from Essex have £600,000 to spend on their dream home. Their wish list includes a large kitchen and a spacious garden.


Episode 5 - S1 EP5 Who Wants To Buy A Dream Home

A game-show winner and his fiance go on a tour of potential family homes with room for her boudoir and his dudoir.


Episode 6 - S1 EP6 The Jackpot King

A man got the shock of his life when he won millions on the cellphone jackpot app he was playing; Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen helps him and his wife find a special home.


Episode 7 - S1 EP7 Lady Luck Strikes Twice

A young dad wins two jackpots playing online slots; living with his mum after being separated, he needs Laurence's help to find a place that's a bachelor pad and a family home.


Episode 8 - S1 EP8 Lottery of Love

After scooping a win in the local postcode lottery, a couple's dreams can come true; Laurence reveals the quaint charm of Ellesmere, England, and its surrounding villages.


Episode 9 - S1 EP9 A Dose Of Luck

Illness forces a man into early retirement, making his wife the sole breadwinner; after winning money, Tim and Alison need Laurence's help as they search for the perfect home.


Episode 10 - S1 EP10 Winning Character

A family inheritance means that a couple can fulfill the dream of buying a house; Laurence's challenge will be finding a home in Wiltshire with as much character as the twosome.


Episode 11 - S1 EP11 Seaside Prize

After winning £50,000 on a TV quiz show, a young couple hunt for a home in Leigh-on-Sea; they want a character property with a garden and a kitchen island.


Episode 12 - S1 EP12 An Early Inheritance

A family from Lewes have recently inherited £350,000; Laurence helps them search for a stunning character property that's near the countryside.


Episode 13 - S1 EP13 Mom's Dream Home

A woman wants to use her lottery winnings to buy a home for her mother. Laurence helps them search for a traditional property with a contained garden.


Episode 14 - S1 EP14 Big Scottish Spenders

Laurence is in Glasgow to help a young couple who recently won £60,000. They want a two-bedroom property with two bathrooms and a private garden.


Episode 15 - S1 EP15 Cashed-Up Croydon

After winning £173,000, a young couple become interested in buying a property in Croydon. Laurence helps them search for a one-bedroom flat with a garden.



Season 1

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