Old People's Home For Teenagers Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Episode One

In our first episode, we bring together older people and teens in an experiment to see how an intergenerational program can help to reduce our loneliness epidemic.


Episode 2 - Episode Two

Week two of this ground-breaking social experiment, sees our teenagers and older adults work on their brain power.


Episode 3 - Episode Three

At the half-way point of this ground-breaking social experiment, the older adults and teenagers participate in a series of activities to restore their confidence.


Episode 4 - Episode Four

This week it's time to get physical! As our old people and teenagers encourage each other to get moving and improve their health and mobility.


Episode 5 - Episode Five

In this final episode, it's the conclusion of the experiment where we will find out if the group's time together has reduced their sense of loneliness and isolation.


Episode 101 - Interview Age

Residents and the teenagers interview each other discussing what is the best age to be and whats the difference between old people and young people?


Episode 102 - Interview Great Life

Residents and teenagers discuss their view on how can you live the best life possible, when was their happiest days and how can you live your best day possible.


Episode 103 - Interview Happiness

Residents and teenagers discuss what they think love and happiness is to them.


Episode 104 - Interview Name Item

The residents show the teenagers early produced items which the teenagers would not be familar with and make them guess what they are.


Episode 105 - Supertease

Teaser introducing us to the series Old People's Home for Teenagers.


Episode 106 - Miles Self Image

The residents and teenagers partake in physical exercise to gain some self awareness and confidence.


Episode 107 - Charm School

The female teens are put through 'Charm School' as would the female residents attend in the 1950's learning how to be 'polished' and a proper lady. They discover the changes over the years.


Episode 108 - Horse Therapy

Anna, one of the quieter teenagers, spends a day with her resident buddy outside looking after Chad the horse and learning how she can take charge, find confidence and learn leadership skills.


Episode 109 - Tai Chi

Residents and teenagers engage in a Tai Chi class. We learn about Maggie, whose late husband engaged in Tai Chi, and her new found love for the activity.


Episode 110 - Ken Louis Dinner

Ken invites Louis and his mother over for a meal to get to know each other better and develop a relationship.



Season 1

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